Was I Exaggerating the Trump Klan’s Criminal and Violent Lifestyle? Hell No; Look at their History


                                                                           Part One

This story will require multiple parts, and these are just a few of the recorded and documented situations when Trump, his Klan, and his paid ‘contractors’ committed actions not dissimilar to those of the Mafia.

First, an irrefutable fact: Trump, the Trump Klan and the men and women who associated with him in the past and the present have been under investigation by the authorities throughout his pitiful life and during his entire illegitimate presidency. Although the schoolyard bully was impeached by the House in January, the investigations into many areas of criminal activities continue. Although impeachment is the ultimate indictment in a nation governed by the rule of law, the orange child’s history is fraught with criminal accusations.

Yesterday I compared President Obama’s inspiring presidency with whatever you want to call what is happening in Washington today. The one fact which stands out is while Trump continues to exist in an atmosphere of constant controversy, President Obama is the only president in modern history not to be involved in a single scandal in two terms. And, yes, Donny Boy, he is a black man.

Let’s get to the truth; the reason I decided to write these articles. Part one is about five specific times when Donald John Trump could have been arrested and charged with a crime.

1981: Obstruction of Justice.

Trump was attempting to become a part of the casino Industry in Atlantic City. Involved in the story was FBI confidential informant, Daniel Sullivan. It was no secret that the mob controlled every action involved in the establishment of legal gambling properties.

Trump hired Sullivan to be his liaison with New Jersey’s construction unions. While attempting to obtain his first gaming license Trump outed Sullivan’s association with the FBI. Trump told them he was FBI affiliated “to nip things in the bud,” thus scuttling a planned FBI investigation into organized crime in his planned casino.

When the New Jersey Gaming Commission began their investigations, Trump bought out his mob-connected partners for eight-million dollars. The next year, the company Trump had partnered with, Circle Industries, was under a grand jury investigation. One of those indicted was union president, Theodore Maritas, who disappeared and was presumed murdered. Trump’s attorney, Roy Cohn, also represented the leaders of that long-running scam. They were members of the Genovese crime family. Trump’s willing participation was discarded and he was never indicted. No reasons for this failure was given by the authorities.

1986: The Empty Box Charade

In the 1980’s it was a common practice for the wealthy to walk into an overpriced jewelry store, purchase a ‘high-ticket item,’ and seek avoidance of the state’s sales tax. Retailers developed a sham. They shipped ‘empty boxes’ to out of state addresses to hide purchases costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Trump was a frequent customer of a 5th avenue jewelry store, Bulgari. When the scheme was discovered, Trump was indicted for tax fraud on the purchase of $65,000 of jewelry. To save himself, he agreed to testify against the owners of Bulgari.

Trump was not the only customer who escaped criminal charges. Others included Jamal Khashoggi, Henry Kissinger, and Mary Tyler Moore. Once again, in America the rich and famous go unpunished.

1988: The Briefcase Full of Cash

In 1988 Trump sold two units in Trump Tower to Robert Hopkins, the mob-connected head of New York’s largest gambling ring. Hopkins, who had no verifiable source of income, showed up at closing with $200,000 cash in a briefcase. After counting it on a table, and Trump informed, DJT sent a limousine to pick up the briefcase and deliver it to the bank where Hopkins had obtained a loan. The bank had often engaged in business with Trump casinos.

An investigation ensued, and one of the mortgage brokers offered to ‘wear a wire’ when speaking to Trump. Tony Lombardi, the lead investigator, and close associate of Rudy Giuliani, went directly to Trump and informed him of the details of the investigation. Trump’s immediate reaction was a promise to raise two-million dollars for Giuliani’s mayoral campaign. Later he funneled $41,000 of his own money into the future mayor’s 1989 campaign. Any question why Giuliani is now doing Trump’s “dirty work?”

1998-2014: Money Laundering

In 2015 an investigation into money laundering by Trump’s Atlantic City Casino, the Taj Majal, began and sought records from as far back as 1998. In March of 2015 FINCen, the Treasury Department’s The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, fined Trump Taj Mahal $10 million for money laundering violations. It was the largest ever FINCen fine against a casino.

Trump’s casinos had been laundering money for years. Criminal charges against Trump and other casino managers could have and should have been filed. Once again, the rich and famous receive a ‘slap on the wrist.’

Trump was eventually forced to declare bankruptcy on his New Jersey holdings.

I will add one more possibility. In 2005 Trump’s business empire was facing an enormous cash shortage. After taking the “Miss Universe Pageant” to Moscow, Trump’s real estate businesses began to flourish. Were Russian oligarchs involved in another money laundering scheme?

2005-2010: The Fraudulent Trump University

Trump personally owned 93 percent of “Trump University.” After a federal court concluded that it was indeed a fraudulent business venture, Trump was forced to pay $25 million in restitution to the men and women enrolled in his fake educational, non-existent facility.

Once again, Trump could have been indicted and faced trial. No charges were made against the fake billionaire, and future illegitimate president.

Besides his casinos, here are some of Trump’s other failures:

Trump Steaks

GoTrump (online travel site)

Trump Airlines

Trump Vodka

Trump Mortgage

Trump: The Game

Trump Magazine

Trump University

Trump Ice (bottled water)

The New Jersey Generals (pro football team)

Tour de Trump (bicycle race)

Trump Network (nutritional supplements)

Trumped! (syndicated radio spot)

Today Trump has moved up to much bigger crimes; he is violating the Law of the Land; the Constitution of the United States of America. This con man/criminal should have been removed from office early in 2017.

If law enforcement had performed their jobs, he would never have become your illegitimate president. Trump would have been in a prison, wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of an orange spray-on tan.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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