So Furious about the Truth, Trump Attacks “Trump Television”


Trump has millions of enemies; he’s earned everyone of them. However, his greatest enemy is the truth. So, when Fox Noise, the right-wing’s personal propaganda machine, recently reported that your illegitimate president is trailing in the polls against the top five Democratic candidates, he became livid and threw another temper tantrum; and of course he tweeted another attack. How boring this has become.

“Worst Polls, just like in 2016 when they were so far off the mark, are the @FoxNews Polls. Why doesn’t Fox finally get a competent Polling Company?”

Let’s go back to the 2016 election, and the truth. First, and foremost, Hillary Clinton won the election. The people should elect their president and we did by approximately three-million votes. Second, Trump was gifted the Electoral College by a total of less than 80,000 votes in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. If Russia had not waged a massive campaign on social media to aid Trump, the turnout in those states would have been as predicted, and Trump would not be in the White House today.

Between Russia and the mainstream media, which held Trump to a low standard, and Hillary to an impossibly high standard, our nation had been cursed.

Of course there will always be doubts about the polls. When the 2020 campaign began and every poll showed Joe Biden with a substantial lead, I doubted the accuracy. I continue to claim that Biden is not the man we need in the White House to replace the worst president in history. Biden has proven that he is out of touch with the American people in the 21st century. Today Bernie Sanders is leading in most polls. When the votes are counted in South Carolina this evening, two facts will become evident. If Biden loses a state he is expected to win, his campaign is over. If Bernie loses, but loses by five points or less to Biden, he will enter Super Tuesday on March 3, when 13 states hold their primaries, as the front runner.

The difficulty conducting polls today is partly attributable to the slow but study demise of ‘landline phones.’ Like millions of other Americans, I block all phone calls coming from phone numbers I do not know. It has been years since I took part in a phone survey. Therefore, I question the validity of polls today; who’s participating in them?

Finally, Trump hates it when Fox does its job. It is rare that any of the paid liars on this fake-news broadcast defy Trump. However, on occasion Chris Wallace and other political pundits will disagree with Trump; the ultimate crime against the egomaniac now eating junk food in the White House residence.

Trump couldn’t help himself. He once again bragged about his personally, and fallaciously perceived ‘greatness.’

“…And they say you can add 7% to 10% to all Trump numbers! Who knows?”

Trump is such an ignorant, narcissistic, incompetent fool I almost feel sorry for him on occasion; ‘almost.’ Exiled to boarding school at age 13, Trump remains desperate for love and adulation. The only recorded manner in which Father Fred showed any concern for his son was when he purchased deferments preventing his being drafted for the Vietnam War, and paid for his diploma from Wharton College. Trump proves every day that he did not earn his degree.

Trump is a sad, angry, unhappy, obese old man who will someday die alone and unloved.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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