Why I Like Bernie, but Continue to Support Elizabeth Warren


Today’s results from the South Carolina primary will be interesting. Every poll predicts a Biden victory. The truth is that a loss for the former vice-president would signal the end of his campaign. What may be more important is where the other candidates finish and what percentage of the vote they win.

It appears that Bernie Sanders is the front runner after winning the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primary, and the Nevada Caucus. Bernie has strong support from millennials and a large percentage of other critical demographics including women, blacks, and Hispanics.

60 percent of South Carolina’s Democratic voters are African American, and this is the primary reason why Biden is favored.

If you read me regularly, you are aware that I do not believe that Biden is the right candidate for America in 2020. I caucused for Elizabeth Warren. I like Bernie’s ideas, but continue to believe that Senator Warren is the best candidate and would crush Trump in the November 3rd election.

As the attached article from the ‘Daily Kos’ states, Bernie is a talker with good ideas, but Warren is a doer. Her success in the Consumer Protection Bureau was a key element in the recovery plans of President Obama. In the senate she has proven herself to be a formidable and relentless fighter for the American people.

Senator Warren thinks ahead; she never slows down. Over a month ago she offered a plan to slow or prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Trump still has no clue and therefore no plan. Warren also believes that she can unite the parties if elected. When asked about how this would happen at a townhall on Wednesday, she had this to say.

“Not only do I believe I can do it, I have done it,” Warren responded. Since Trump has been elected, she said, she’s gotten about a dozen bills passed. Then she focused in on one bill she championed that will make it possible to buy over-the-counter hearing aids at an extremely reduced rate. According to Warren, hearing loss affects about 40 million Americans but only about one in six of those affected can afford to buy hearing aids, which typically cost about $5,000 out of pocket per pair. Why, she remembered wondering, were hearing aids so expensive when an iPhone offers much more functionality but costs considerably less?

This may be critical if Democrats fail to take back the senate. The worst Senate Majority Leader in history, Moscow Mitch McConnell, would continue to weaken if not destroy the effectiveness of what was once the ‘world’s greatest deliberative body.’ America needs a strong and energetic woman in the White House.

I have followed politics for about 64 years. I watched and listened to old, white men make promises they never intend to keep. When they are questioned about their lies, they continue to use political “double speak” in a pitiful attempt to escape from the truth.

It is time for a strong woman to change the atmosphere in Washington. We need a president who will place the people in priority number one. These same old, white men place profits for big business and the corresponding wealth of the one percent as their number one objective.

After 64 years of following the actions of 12 presidents, I have been disappointed several times, but never more than in 2016 until the present. The one standard; one document has kept me loyal to my country. The Constitution is the greatest document ever written by man. Sadly, far too many of our elected officials pick and choose which parts they support.

In Trump’s case, he began violating his oath of office on January 21, 2017. He has proven that the only part of the Constitution he supports is the second amendment, and then for the sole reason that the NRA gun lobby will give him millions of dollars once again for his reelection campaign.

Senator Warren will continue to work for all Americans as she has in the legislature. She is what America needs to lead us forward into the 21st century.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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