If You are an Old, White, Racist, Right-Wing Extremist, You are Probably Attending CPAC Today

Trump as Hitler

This weekend is the annual event where old, white racists gather together and act like ‘frat boys’ after several bottles of Tequila. Gathering in Maryland, this despicable group which calls itself the Conservative Political Action Group or CPAC, is whooping it up; especially when the leader of white supremacy in America makes an appearance. This is Trump’s crowd. When the schoolyard bully holds one of his hate rallies, he is speaking to his cult. The reality is that he has no respect for them; they don’t have enough money.

When the House impeached Trump, and a cowardly Republican senate ignored the facts; the evidence; and acquitted him, we were warned that Trump would become more abusive with his powers and become a “king,” not an elected official. Republicans confirmed that America’s biggest mistake is above the law.

Since February 7th, Trump has placed unqualified loyalists in government positions, continues to seek vengeance against real Americans, and pardons criminals. He went so far as to give one of America’s greatest traitors, Rush Limbaugh the “Medal of Freedom.” Disgusting and unforgiveable for any real American.

Speaking at CPAC on Saturday, Trump taunted the men and women who convicted him of obstruction of justice and abuse of power, while bragging about “accomplishments” which belong to his predecessor: a real American President.

Trump wondered aloud at it being “sort of a miracle” he has got so much done despite all he’s been through.

“Maybe it’s right there, right?” he asked, pointing to the heavens. “Thank you, God.”

First, Trump’s only “god” is money. He is a heathen and is nothing more than white trash with money. As far as “getting things done,” the only “accomplishments” credited to Trump are related to ill-advised tariffs, and enormous tax cuts for the rich and major corporations. His unilateral decision to place additional tariffs on imports have cast Americans jobs and forced a historic number of foreclosures on small farms. Tax breaks for the super-rich added 1.2 trillion dollars to the deficit in 2019.

I am ashamed to be called an “American,” and will feel that way until your criminal-in-chief is no longer defiling the White House.

Of course these useless old fascists lept to their feet, whooping and cheering, many wearing “Make America great again” and “Keep America great” caps.

“They’re coming after me, and we fight them back.”

They roared their approval when, like a medieval monarch who has survived a bloody insurrection, Trump vowed revenge.

“They’re coming after me and we fight them back,” he said. “And now we’re going after them because we have no choice. We have to straighten out our country. But despite the best efforts of the leftwing fanatics, their scams, schemes, slanders, they’ve all been discredited, totally discredited.”

Trump’s disapproval rating from all Americans remains higher than his approval rating: 52.4-43.3. Most importantly, among Democrats and Independents, the largest number of voters, Trump continues to lose. 39 percent of independents approve while 56 percent disapprove. Among Democrats less than 10 percent believe that Trump is ‘acceptable.’

Finally, when the American people learn the truth about Trump’s many crimes; his lack of morals, and his extreme racism, he will become a pariah for real Americans. Trump must not be allowed to call himself the “President of the United States” until he serves all 330 million Americans.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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