He Added 1.2 Trillion Dollars to the Deficit in 2019: Trump is Seeking more Tax Cuts


Trump is completely incapable of creating a sound economic policy for our nation. Of all 45 presidents, he is the least qualified and least willing to establish a competent fiscal policy. He brags about the economy, but the successful parts of our economy were begun under President Obama’s administration.

Trump’s two “accomplishments” are a trade war with China, and permanent tax breaks for the super-rich and corporations which added 1.2 trillion dollars to the deficit in 2019. Leading economists claim this will continue thru 2025. Donny Boy continues to waste millions of dollars each month to live the life of a billionaire.

Trump continues to ignore the opioid crisis, and is now facing another health emergency. I don’t believe he is concerned about the welfare of our nation’s people. His only real concern is how the stock market is affected by the possibility of a pandemic in America. If you doubt my claim, here is his solution to “fighting” the coronavirus.

“White House economic officials plan to lay out additional measures to try and arrest the economic pain stemming from the spread of the virus, including proposals to implement paid sick leave, deferral on tax collection on specific industries including airlines, cruise lines and hotels, and specific proposals to make small business loans more available and with flexible repayment options, according to the two people.”

Today a meeting will be held with Republican Senators to discuss the issue. Apparently, nothing will be said about the medical problems and how to prevent the spread of the crisis or how to save lives. Money is more important than people to Trump and his circle of sinners.

As I began writing this article 26 Americans have died from the virus. I find it very upsetting that the man who claims to be your president is not concerned. He should be. A morning report revealed that one of the fastest spreading areas in America is Washington D.C.

I guess Trump will use this as an excuse to return to Mar-a-Lago until the threat is over in 2021. Hopefully he will not return then. His clothing, etc., can be shipped to south Florida.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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