Runaway Capitalism, Corporations, and all Television “News” are Failing the American People; Bernie is Right

Capitalism (2)

The fact that runaway capitalism, and its spawn, corporate America have destroyed the American dream is undeniable. The fact that all television “news” is owned by huge corporations denies the American people an opportunity to know the truth. Corporate America decides what the people will see and hear on the “boob tube.” Most of what is reported can be labeled as “alternative facts.”

All of the former groups fear people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others who are fighting for the rights of the majority of the American people. Every president since Ronald Reagan has been under the control of America’s corporations. You might be screaming right now if you are a liberal, like me. You’re saying, “what about Barrack Obama.” When the policies of the banking industry nearly bankrupted our nation, sending it into a near depression, not one of the executives of our major banks was indicted or prosecuted. Why did the DOJ not do its job?

Corporations have controlled the future of our nation for decades. Money became the controlling force in 1981 when Reagan implemented a fiscal policy of “trickle-down economics.” One of his first actions as our 40th president was to reduce the maximum tax rate from 70 percent to 50. When he left office in 1989, our nation was one-trillion dollars in debt, and the unemployment rate was 10 percent.

Bernie Sanders is fighting for you and me. He understands the danger of a nation dominated by capitalism; corporate greed. A nation suffering from the widening gap between the  rich and the working class cannot remain a democracy. Plutocrats have been in control of our nation for 40+ years, and a plutocracy cannot exist without a fascist government.

Bernie is fighting today’s Republican Party in name only, but he is also fighting members of his own party who take money from large corporations.

The fight for the Democratic nomination is fixed. Joe Biden is a tool of the corporate world. I am not certain that he can defeat the worst president in history. Biden may not encourage millennials and women to vote in November. Without the support of these two demographics, he will not become our nation’s 46th president. Possibly more important is the fact that corporations will donate more money to Trump than Biden.

Biden is not a progressive/liberal. Any candidate who is not willing to take aggressive action to move our nation forward with new ideas and the future of a younger nation as his or her primary goal is a regressive. Biden is the past, and his past is not pretty.

Although Bernie is the oldest remaining Democratic candidate his ideas are the most revolutionary and forward thinking in nearly 80 years.

I wake up every morning in fear for my country. I am nearly 74 years of age and will not be alive when many of the changes begun by “Trumpenstein” take their full effect, I care about the future of my daughter and granddaughters.

My primary premise is that political parties are destructive, and every voter should vote intelligently. We should all cast our ballots for the best candidate; the man or women is  most closely aligned with our needs and wishes. Neither Trump nor Biden fill any of my requirements.

I loved my country and tolerated my government for seven decades. Today I fear my government and do not recognize the “United States of Trump.”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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