Jared Kushner: Another American Disgrace


Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, share many things. They know nothing about anything with the exception of using their positions in the White House for personal gain. Therefore, it should be no surprise that when Trump was forced to take the coronavirus seriously, he told Kushner to get involved in the pandemic.

“There was some frustration among other White House aides at the sudden involvement by Kushner, who they viewed as simply parachuting in and whose vast portfolio — including Middle East peace negotiations, immigration, and the re-election campaign — has been the subject of mockery in some circles,” The Washington Post adds.

Mockery of the entire Trump Klan is standard operating procedure for the late night talk shows and writers such as myself. They have given us more material than there are hours in the day.

Let’s look at the people in Washington who are in charge of protecting Americans from the virus. Trump denies science but believes everything Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Mohammad bin Salman say, and follows their instruction completely. His “coronavirus czar,” Mike Pence denies scientific fact and mishandled the spread of HIV in Indiana. The whitest man in America continues to believe in “conversion therapy.” Kushner has accomplished nothing in his life without committing crimes and using controversial methods to keep his family’s wealth. This is the triumvirate of ignorance we are told to trust during this pandemic.

Prior to Kushner’s inclusion on Trump’s “team,” his only responsibility related to the virus was to ‘talk to relevant parties who would help Trump decide when to declare a national emergency.’ One of those individuals is a doctor named Kurt Kloss. Kloss is the father of Kushner’s sister-in-law, model Karlie Kloss. Dr. Kloss sought input from other physicians and everything ended up on Facebook. Now the question: will Trump’s policies be decided by Facebook?

When ignorant, uninformed voters elect the least qualified schoolyard bully in history to lead a nation of 330 million people, this is what happens. Trump and his failed circle of sinners lack the intellect to select a team from the most qualified experts in America. Kushner decided an Emergency Room Doctor would have all the answers.

If you’re not embarrassed to be an American today, you should be.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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