America is Better Off when Republican Politicians do Nothing


Trump has done nothing which would offer confidence that he and his unqualified administration are in control of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Every solution the buffoon in the White House offers involves the economy. The truth is that if they read any history, they would know that when this pandemic ends, our nation and the world will slowly recover and life will be normal once again.

Trump is suggesting some form of bailout for 330 million Americans. Meanwhile, the airlines are crying once again. They are asking for 50 billion dollars of your money to keep their profits made at the expense of the American traveler.

The details of a “plan” which would cost one-trillion dollars vary. There are serious disagreements about the manner in which the money should be distributed. Some clueless GOP politicians believe that the funds should be given directly to working men and women through unemployment distributions. Some believe that every adult in America should receive a $1,000 check. In typical Republican fashion, other Republicans in name only suggest that the money be given to employers who would defer payroll taxes: this money would be in the form of a loan they will never pay back.

Let’s look at the facts about any of these doomed to fail ideas. Trump is desperate to regain favorability points he is losing because of his failure to recognize this health emergency in its beginnings. Money is his answer for everything. Throwing money at the American people which would offer a short term reprieve is moronic.

The truth is that doing nothing for taxpayers and the airlines would be the best choice. The American people are resilient and by this time in 2021 most Americans will have forgotten about the 2020 pandemic.

As for the airlines, they have been allowed to merge, limiting competition. When Republicans were in control of both houses, they listened to industry leaders and allowed them to take actions which limited seats and therefore increased fares, and began charging for every amenity with the exception of water; and that may soon change.

One of the many things lacking in this Republican Party in name only is common sense. Basic intellect begins with an understanding of history. Republicans refuse to learn from their mistakes. Money truly is the root of all evil: not the beginning of success.

Compassion for your fellow human beings and making efforts to understand those who are different from yourself are the beginning of the end of racism and bigotry. True happiness will never come in the form of a government check. Our nation will never become great until we are a united America.

Trump and his circle of sinners have an image of America which is dark and filled with anger and hatred. During President Obama’s administration America began to move forward. Trump has moved us backwards to the dark past of 60 years ago.

Let’s return common sense and dignity to the presidency and to congress. Vote on November 3rd and take your country back.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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