DJT: The President Who Should Never Have Been


Yesterday Trump once again wasted my time and yours by appearing on television to lie to us. First, he attempted to cover-up the fact that he initially labeled the coronavirus as nothing but a distraction. Now, after failing to ensure that millions of test kits were available and ready to slow or prevent the spread of the virus, he claimed that he wanted to be America’s hero.

In front of the American people he signed the “Defense Production Act.” Healthcare workers are in great need of ventilators, surgical masks, and other critical supplies. However, later in the day, he tweeted that he only signed the order “should we need to invoke it in a worst-case scenario in the future. Hopefully there will be no need.” Once again, he is doing nothing. Your illegitimate president is all lies and no action.

Let’s talk about the truth. DJT should never have become our 45th president. He was and remains the least qualified man in history to lead our nation. Voting for him was tantamount to a vote to destroy the future of the United States of America.

When the CIA and FBI confirmed that Russia was attempting to elect Trump in October of 2016, the voters should have been informed: it is our right to know the truth. As I watched the mainstream media give DJT five-times more television coverage than all other candidates combined, I cringed. His vile rhetoric was filled with anger, hatred, and racism. At his rallies he encouraged violence. He proved to all real Americans that he did not love his country. He would serve only those who supported him. However, the media continues to hold DJT to the lowest standard in history for an American president.

Sadly, Vladimir Putin was successful. Multiple social media campaigns designed to lessen voter turnout were successful. DJT won the Electoral College by a total of less than 80,000 votes in three states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

In February 2020, the Senate of the United States had an opportunity to rid our nation of its biggest mistake in history. DJT had been impeached in the House. Evidence of abuse of power and obstruction of justice was overwhelming. Moscow Mitch McConnell refused to allow a single witness as the impeachment trial of DJT began. It was a sham and a disgrace to the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution.

On February 7th, 52 of 53 Republican senators refused to do the right thing and acquitted your criminal-in-chief. Only Utah senator, and former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, voted to remove the criminal from office. Here we are today with an incompetent and uncaring man to lead our nation. DJT is not a leader. He is a malignant narcissist whose only concern is DJT.

Often frequently under-appreciated governors took definitive action in their states to battle the coronavirus, DJT was forced to do something, anything to save his undeserved reputation among his cult. Governors did what DJT never considered: the simply told their state’s people to ‘stay home,’ and avoid all unnecessary contact with others. DJT is now claiming that this policy was his idea: another lie.

DJT did not fool medical professionals who denounced his failures long before members of his own party expressed doubt about their leader’s “ideas,” which appear doomed to fail once again.

“It was so disassociated from what he said this morning at the press conference and what he said to us,” said Dr. David Benton, a nursing industry representative who was at a meeting with Trump on Wednesday at which the President talked of “scaling up” medical supplies.

The truth is production of critical medical supplies should have begun as the virus spread in China. America is far behind other nations in preparation to battle the spread of this deadly virus.

I guarantee that if the popular vote decided our president and Hillary Clinton became our 45th president, things would be far different today. She was the most qualified presidential candidate in history: a fact the television media never mentioned during the 2016 campaign.

Mistakes are made, but when that mistake is refusing to become informed about the man or woman who will lead a nation of 330 million people, they can be terminal.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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