According to the Ignorant Gun Nuts in America, the Way to Fight the Coronavirus is with a Gun

Assault Rifles

For thousands of ignorant Americans, the way to solve any problem, any threat to America, is to buy a gun. No matter how I try, I cannot find even a minute relationship to fighting the spread of the coronavirus and the purchase of a weapon of mass destruction.

Sales of guns and ammunition are escalating with every new statement from the government and the CDC. Reports of hoarding hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and food items are very disappointing. When panic replaces logic, nothing good happens. Some of those interviewed standing in line at gun stores claimed to fear “invasions” by others in need of these items.

A Charlotte, North Carolina AR-15 purchaser told The New York Times that he was worried we “just won’t have any sense of lawfulness anymore.”

Since September 11, 2001, the American people have lived in an atmosphere of both fear and distrust. Our nation’s people are rarely united about any issue, but in past times of crisis we become one. This is not happening during the current pandemic. In fact, some politicians intentionally keep fear at the forefront of their campaigns, knowing that emotions remove intelligent thought.

I feel fortunate to live in Northern Nevada. A couple of days ago I had no choice but to go shopping. My wife and I are retired; ages 69 and 73. We are normally home most of the time, but food must be purchased.

My first stop was Costco for butter, eggs, and bread. Both Costco employees and my fellow shoppers were courteous, respectful, and I was in and out of the store in about 30-40 minutes in spite of the long lines outside and at the registers.

Next was ‘Sprouts,’ where we purchase most of our produce. Same experience. It was strange to see parking lots for other stores empty. It reminded me of some old science fiction movies.

My last stop was not as pleasant. We needed one item I could not buy at the other two stores. I was forced to go to my least favorite store, Walmart.

Most shelves were nearly bare. Not a single paper product or cleaning supply was on shelves. I was a little surprised; Walmart as a large warehouse just 30 miles east of this store. Shoppers were agitated and confused. Fortunately for me, the item I needed was not on the side of the store where food was purchased. I found what I needed, used the self-check, and was happy to be going home.

All of these situations are the result of not having intelligent and compassionate leadership in Washington. Past presidents and our leaders in congress were able to calm our nation by instilling confidence that they were in control. Not these unqualified men and women in the executive and legislative branches today.

Good government begins at the top. For 38 months we have watched Trump offer his support to his cult and others who support him while ignoring most Americans. An American president is required to care for all Americans, but Trump is not an American president. He and his circle of sinners, combined with the worst Senate Majority Leader in history, Moscow Mitch McConnell, have failed the American people. They must be evicted from Washington.

Always remember, this is your country, not theirs, and that the truth lives here.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the National Crime Agency

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