If the Name “Kellyanne Conway” Makes you Cringe; You Are not Alone


For the last four years Trump’s original paid liar, Kellyanne Conway, has earned a reputation. No legitimate news organization wants to have her on its broadcast, except for Fox, of course.

However, if a recent appearance on Fox was a change for the right-wing propaganda machine, I welcome the attempt to be accurate and do the right thing.

Conway was appearing on a broadcast hosted by Harris Faulkner to discuss Trump’s failures regarding the coronavirus pandemic. As she has from the beginning, Conway attempted to spin the subject into a political attack on Trump’s dissenters and critics.

“I do think it’s very disappointing that the mayor of New York City himself was riding the subway on March 5 and telling people to go out on the town on March 2,” she argued, when Faulkner interrupted her to say, “Kellyanne, I’m going to stop you on the politics.”

“It’s not politics,” Conway argued. “It’s that we have a very dire situation in New York City. That is not politics. I think it was politics to say go out on the town.”

“We do have a dire situation,” Faulkner interrupted again.

Conway is old news, and her tactics have become boring. Attempting to misdirect the fact that Trump initially ignored the seriousness of the virus and continues to fail the healthcare industry. Trump signed the Defense Production Act which would have required corporations to increase production of everything from masks to ventilators but has refused to implement it. After the manufacturers of these items lobbied Jared Kushner, Trump placed the document in a drawer. He is guilty of the deaths of hundreds of Americans who are unable to receive the medical care they desperately needed.

Finally, cheers to Harris Faulkner who did what the fake journalists on ABC, NBC, and CBS failed to do in 2016. Conway is the past and a disgrace to America.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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