Trump Raises Middle Finger to States which do not Support Him During the Coronavirus Pandemic: not an American

Trump as Hitler

Is Trump a fascist? Without a doubt. He cannot be called an American for the simple fact that he refuses to serve all Americans. Only those who support his vile and fascist agenda receive his support.

President Donald Trump said Friday that he instructed Vice President Mike Pence not to reach out to governors who aren’t “appreciative” of his administration’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in their states.

“If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call,” Trump said of those state leaders.

“I think they should be appreciative. Because you know what? When they’re not appreciative to me, they’re not appreciative to the Army Corps [of Engineers], they’re not appreciative to FEMA. It’s not right,” Trump told reporters at a daily press briefing at the White House.

Let’s be clear: Trump believes that he should be respected by all Americans. For me, ‘respect’ is the biggest word in my vocabulary. Respect is something to be earned, not given easily or freely. I have no respect for any human who is a white supremacist, a homophobe, a pathological liar, a misogynist, or a man who denies the freedoms and rights guaranteed in the first amendment.

Most importantly, the President of the United States has a mandate to care for ALL 330 million Americans whether they are Republicans, Independents, Democrats, black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, male, or female: this fake-president is selective, and that is not acceptable. Once elected his or her politics are of little importance: country must be first and the country is people, not real estate.

Trump is not an American and cannot be allowed to claim the title of President of the United States.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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