Trump is Admitting what I have been Saying Since 2013


America would take a huge step towards becoming a great country if all Republicans lost in November. I understand that this is a dream, but there is a possibility that not only will Trump be exiled to his golden tower, we can evict Moscow Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham from Washington. Here’s how that happens.

History proves that large voter turnouts result in victories for Independents and Democrats. If a record number of votes are cast on November 3rd in every state, the worst of America’s failed politicians will be defeated. I beg every eligible voter to do his or her duty across America. To the people of Kentucky and South Carolina, save your country and yourselves by saving your state’s futures and force Moscow Mitch and Graham to retire.

Your illegitimate president, Donald John Trump, agrees with me. He called into “Fox and Friends” Monday morning.

“The things they had in there were crazy,” he said. “They had levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” You might think it’s amazing to hear a politician in a democracy saying that democracy is bad, but Trump joins a long line of Republicans saying that too much voting is bad.

Trump’s objection is an effort by Democratic politicians to allow voting by mail. It is attached to an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Let me offer a personal example of how effective ‘vote by mail’ would become.

I was an assistant manager in the Reno Decennial Census office in 2009-2010. Most Americans believe that everyone receives a Census Form and that is the extent of the efforts of the Census Bureau. Here in the west the census forms are mailed from Phoenix, Arizona. Our office was tasked with counting Americans who either were unable to receive a form by mail, or refused to return the one they did receive.

Our largest project turned out to be “non-response.” We sent hundreds of agents to those residences to encourage them to give us the necessary information to complete the form.

The 2020 Census is being conducted differently, and will likely receive more cooperation from the American people.

I received a single page letter. It contained information about a website and I was given a personal identification number. It required between five and ten minutes to answer nine questions. The usual guarantee of complete privacy was attached.

Voting by mail would have the same results. I have no doubt that within a decade, general elections will be conducted over the internet. As soon as a secure method can be created, every American will be able to vote from his or her home. Having less steps necessary to count the votes would in itself provide additional security, and less opportunity for voter fraud.

Trump is almost never right. However, I have long claimed two things: if there is a large vote count, and if the popular vote chose our president, as intended by our founding fathers, Republicans would seldom win an election in the future.

One final fact. Republicans lie about everything. Republican voters choose to be ignorant and believe what right-wing politicians tell them to believe. The truth is that intelligent voters refuse to vote for Republicans for a single reason: they have not represented the majority for nearly four decades. They are not worthy of your valuable vote.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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