The Stimulus is another “Reality Show” Produced by your Government


I’ll gladly accept the check. My bride and I are retired and on a fixed income; we can always use a little extra money. However, I was and continue to be opposed to the stimulus package pushed through congress by both parties and signed by Trump.

Instead of a stimulus, unemployment benefits should have been raised and extended. Small businesses should receive a form of stimulus. Only those unemployed because of the coronavirus should receive government assistance.

What will the stimulus really accomplish for our nation’s economy? Experts predict an increase to the deficit of more than three-trillion dollars in 2020. A healthy economy cannot exist when its government is deeply in debt. Currently the the total deficit is nearly 17 trillion dollars, and the forecast is that it will reach 25 trillion under Trump’s failed administration. A recession is inevitable, and a depression is possible.

Republicans continue to give money away to the wealthy and large corporations. The primary reason the deficit is growing points directly to Trump and Moscow Mitch’s “tax reform.” Corporations and the wealthy had their tax rate reduced drastically. Some paid no taxes in 2019 including Amazon and Walmart.

Included in the stimulus is a $500 billion slush fund for large corporations, including the airlines. Government has done nothing to halt price gouging by these billion-dollar companies, but they are willing to give them your money.

I have not heard a single word from the men and women who call them conservatives about their party’s wasteful actions happening during the Trump administration. The reason? They only complained when President Obama used money to save our economy from the failed fiscal policies of a previous Republican president. The word is “hypocrite.”

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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