Red State Stupidity: Today it’s Texas

Coronavirus (2)

While qualified governors are ordering their state’s people to stay home in the hope of flattening the curve of the coronavirus, several red state governors decided to join Trump and ignore the seriousness of this pandemic. Today we’re going to talk about Governor Greg Abbott and the Lone Star State. Everything is bigger in Texas!

A number of young Texans decided to celebrate ‘spring break.’ About 70 students from the University of Texas in Austin traveled to Mexico. When they returned, 28 tested positive for the coronavirus. Texas was “gifted” with 28 additional carriers.

In times of crisis the American people need leaders. Sadly, before Trump and his circle of sinners infested Washington, 44 previous presidents stepped forward when our people needed them most. Trump told us “it will go away,” as he golfed and held hate rallies.

More importantly, each state elects a governor whose responsibility is equally important, but only involves his or her state. 50 men and women are looked to by the people of their states for guidance and hope.

The first to take action were the governors of New York, California, and my state of Nevada. We were told to stay home. Within days all non-essential businesses were ordered to close their doors. The safety of people became more important than profits.

The response has been surprising. Here in Northern Nevada we have grocery stores called “Winco.” They are a “pack your own” business. They immediately opened their doors early two days a week for seniors only: the men and women who statistically are most vulnerable. Across the nation Costco has three days each week when they open early for me and  other older Americans.

Most of the people I encounter are in good spirits. We patiently wait in line as only a certain number of customers are allowed in the stores.

I moved to Nevada in 1986 and have always been proud of my state. Today I have reason to be even more proud and glad to have Governor Sisolak as our state’s leader.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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