Americans are Cursed with the Worst Administration in White House History at a Time we Need the Best

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In 2017, as Moscow Mitch McConnell rushed through confirmation for Trump’s cabinet nominees, few Americans paid attention to the fact that each nominee appearing before the senate was less qualified than the last. With the exception of Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, not one of the men and women Trump selected had experience or possessed the qualifications needed to lead the departments for which they were nominated.

America, the world, is in crisis and everyone is looking for leadership. In times of national disaster, the people look to our elected officials for guidance, confidence, and hope. Sadly for the American people, those people do not exist at a time when we need them most.

It begins at the top. Your illegitimate president, Donald John Trump, is not a man of science. He has never reached out to help another human being in his pitiful life. He has proven that he is uneducated and incapable of understanding the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. This is why he waited nearly six weeks to take any steps to lessen the spread of the virus.

His briefings offer nothing in the form of information and often devolve into attacks on the men and women who have been proactive since January. He is resentful of the abilities shown by governors of blue states who were quick to take action when they initially learned of the potential threat to the health of their state’s people. As one reporter stated: “The Emperor fiddled while Rome burned.”

Maggie Haberman, tweeting for the New York Times described Trump incompetence.

“It underscores both pragmatic and political imperatives for Mr. Trump, reflecting a traditional federalist approach that eschews imposing a one-size-fits-all national standard on states. But it also shows…”

“…the president’s desire to blame the governors rather than accept any responsibility for shortages of ventilators, masks and other critical supplies.”

Tensions Persist Between Trump and Medical Advisers Over the Coronavirus

The president’s public refusal to wear a mask was the latest way he has cast doubt on their recommendations.

“The interplay was a rare instance of Mr. Trump doing in real time on camera what officials have repeatedly denied that he does behind the scenes — attempting to water down the impact of what the medical experts were saying.”

A couple of nights ago one of Fox Noise’ fake journalists, Tucker Carlson, went on a tirade which was basically a ludicrous claim that the American people should not trust the healthcare experts, but place their faith in the least qualified presidential administration in our nation’s history.

Trump and his cronies continue to place fascist ideas and policies at the forefront of their efforts to rule America.

Fight back, America; this is your country, not theirs. And, yes, you can and you must trust medical experts, not some fool who loves to hear himself talk about nothing.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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