John Oliver Accurately Describes Jared Kushner


Let’s begin with the broader picture of today’s white trash with money who are pretending to lead our nation. The Trump Klan is a joke; a bad joke played on America for the last three years. This mafiaesque family is defined by its debauchery and lack of accomplishments. The patriarch is a man who has failed at everything in his life unless he was bailed out by outside sources. His daughter maintained business ventures in foreign nations with the use of slave labor. His sons only claims to fame are murdering endangered animals in a failed attempt to make them feel like real men. The patriarch’s son-in-law is a mirror image of his own failures and incompetence. So, it was no surprise that DJT dumped responsibility for addressing serious issues to Jared Kushner, although he is unqualified to be involved in our nation’s government.

Trump admitted that he was incapable of addressing the coronavirus threat in America by passing off the responsibility to Kushner who has no medical experience. John Oliver explained this ludicrous idea on his HBO broadcast.

Last week Kushner claimed that ‘the government’s stockpile of medical equipment necessary to aid victims of this pandemic belonged to them and no one else.’ Oliver refused to allow Kushner’s fallacious claim.

“The notion of the federal stockpile was, it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use,” Kushner said on Wednesday. He later added, “Some governors you speak to or senators, and they don’t know what’s in their state.”

His words inspired a New York Times opinion piece called “Jared Kushner Is Going to Get Us All Killed”—though the headline was later changed to the less inflammatory “Putting Jared Kushner In Charge Is Utter Madness.”

“Wait, ‘our’ stockpile? It’s not your stockpile. It’s a national stockpile for use by the United States, you fucking moron,” said Oliver, who had previously referred to Kushner as looking like an “alt-right Pinocchio.” He then offered the embattled advisor a geography lesson. “And here’s the interesting thing about the United States: it’s almost entirely made of states. There’s states everywhere! I’d say more than 40 of them, Jared! And some parts of them badly need supplies right now—like the city that you used to live in, and which I pray you never show your polished fucking face again,” Oliver said.

I don’t remember who said it, but there are definitely times when the use of profanity is the only way to accurately describe the lies and failures of men and women in positions of power.

The television media must cease their pretense that the Trump Klan and his circle of sinners have an iota of credibility, they are bad actors in a bad play. Not a single member of Trump’s administration is qualified or concerned about the future of the majority of the American people.

I admit that today I am ashamed of my country. Not a single principle of our founding fathers exists in our nation’s capital today. Our nation’s motto should be “In Money We Trust.” The people are an afterthought in our nation’s government today as the Trump administration continues to fail America.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of David Shankbone

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