Hitler, Mussolini, and Trump Share Common Tools to Control a Nation’s People


In the 1930’s the post WWI economies of Germany and Italy were floundering. Both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were swept into power by promising the people of their nations greatly improved economies. Trump talks about nothing else, even with the current crisis of a pandemic taking the lives of thousands of Americans.

Two future murderous dictators had similar platforms. Both men sold businessmen and a large percentage of their nation’s people on the benefits of fascism.

In Italy, Mussolini established new rules for all citizens. Secret police spied on enemies.

  • Opponents thrown in jail.
  • Government took over press.
  • Made it hard to leave country to ensure

supply of soldiers.

  • Taxed single men.
  • Limited jobs available to women.

Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party- promised to make Germany powerful again. Promises made by Hitler:

  • Economic- condemned the Treaty of Versailles, promised to

ignore it.

  • Nationalism- large increase in armed forces, controlled

educational and cultural institutions.

  • Anti-Semitism- Nazis intensified tradition of anti-Semitism

(prejudice or hatred toward Jews)

  • Stamp out communism- only Nazis could do this.

In 2016 America’s economy was in full recovery. In 2017 Trump began to destroy the achievements of eight years of President Obama’s Administration. From healthcare to food stamps for the poor, anything with Obama’s name attached to it was under attack by Trump and his unqualified cabinet and closest advisers.

Here’s where it gets interesting. There are multiple similarities between the fascist policies of Hitler, Mussolini, and Trump.

All three men stressed extreme nationalism. The press was forbidden from receiving daily or even monthly briefings from the government. Secrecy was paramount. All information came from their self-created propaganda machines. Trump’s is Fox News. In Germany and Italy, anyone who criticized their government was put in prison. When Trump’s failures are revealed, he personally, and viciously attacks his adversaries. Supporting the wealthy created two classes; the wealthy and low-income workers. Trump is increasing the gap between the wealthy and the working class. The middle class is disappearing. Hitler labeled Jews and Slavs as inferior. Trump’s hatred for Muslims and Hispanics is pure racism. Hitler had his Gestapo. Mussolini had “Blackshirts.” Trump has ICE; Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Finally, all three men required their subordinates to heap praise upon them constantly. Hitler treasured his title of “fuhrer,” which is defined as a “ruthless and tyrannical leader.” Mussolini named himself “Il Duce,” “the leader.” Trump demands that everyone in his circle of sinners refers to him as “our great president.”

In just three years, Trump turned America into a plutocracy. A plutocracy cannot exist in a democracy, and much of our freedoms have been removed, paving the way for a fascist and autocratic form of government.

Trump cannot remain in the White House if America is to survive.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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