Moscow Mitch McConnell Surrendered the Senate to Trump; He must not be Reelected in November


There is no denying the fact that Trump is destroying democracy and replacing the Constitution with his fascist agenda. However, he couldn’t have done any of this without the cooperation of the worst senator in history, Moscow Mitch McConnell.

Our founding fathers displayed enormous wisdom when they created a ‘check and balance’ system: three branches of government with ‘separate but equal powers.’ In an act of pure treason, the Senate Majority Leader relinquished the powers of the Republican dominated senate to his illegitimate and unfit president. On his desk are nearly 300 bills passed in the House. He refuses to allow the senate to vote an any of them although included are bills involving voting rights, aid for underprivileged Americans, laws which would benefit military families, and bills concerning the health of our returning soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t point to the fact that Moscow Mitch is not concerned about the health and well-being of you or your family. On Thursday, March 12th, Moscow Mitch adjourned the senate for a long weekend: the “party of no” works so hard! The Democratic led House remained in session and passed the first part of the stimulus bill. Why would he delay the process? He had political events to attend in Kentucky.

Ridding our nation of the worst president in history on November 3rd is not enough. Moscow Mitch must not be allowed a seventh term. He is 78 years old and has failed the people of Kentucky and our nation for nearly 36 very long years. He is the poster boy for term limits.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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