More Racism from the White Supremacist in the White House

Trump as Hitler

For nearly four months the American people have been facing a healthcare crisis. Trump has failed to lead and has become a follower, and once again a denier. While governors of blue states took immediate action to save lives in their states, the screw-up in the Oval Office adopted a “wait and see” attitude. Yesterday, while preparing to “open America” for large corporations to make outrageous profits, he closed our borders, ending all immigration. Of course, if you are white and wealthy, the doors will open for you.

For more than 40 years today’s Republican Party in name only has been exposed as the party of racism and misogyny. After Trump’s illegitimate election, white supremacists began to boldly march in our streets celebrating their victory over real Americans, if only in the Electoral College.

Without leadership in Washington, I have relied on experienced and qualified experts in every area to help me through this pandemic. As a senior, my two greatest concerns are the health of my family, and a supply of fresh, and healthy food.

Yesterday I listened to men and women discussing what will and will not be available in grocery stores in the coming months. While millions of Americans are obsessed with toilet paper, I learned that there will likely be a shortage of fresh vegetables.

Many of our fruits and vegetables come from California. Farm workers are vulnerable to contagious diseases because of their working conditions. Add to this the fact that many of these men and women are undocumented, and Trump’s hatred for Hispanics, you have vacant fields during the peak growing season. I saw films revealing hundreds of acres of vegetables rotting in the fields.

If you are a carnivore, you too may soon have a problem. Beef and Pork packing plants are beginning to close. Workers have become infected with the coronavirus. No workers means no meat.

Trump lacks sufficient intelligence to understand that the economy in America is multi-faceted. He listens to he heads of major corporations and ignores the needs of medium and small businesses. And he ignores the need for immigrant workers in the spring.

The buffoon in the White House continues to fail. Trump is always angry; blaming others for his mistakes. Is this because he is tired of failing?

Op-ed by James Turnage


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