Playing Politics, Trump is Guilty for the Deaths of Thousands of Americans

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While he played golf and held hate rallies in January of 2020, he was ignoring the threat from the reports he received from China and the World Health Organization about the possibility of a worldwide pandemic. Although he was first made aware of the coronavirus late in December of 2019, he chose to ignore the crisis until mid-March of 2020. Failed leadership by your illegitimate president based on supposed political advantage is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths from this health crisis which has resulted in America being the most devastated nation in the world.

The WHO, World Health Organization warned all world leaders of the potential of a pandemic in January. Today, it is offering the reasons why it became more devastating than it should have been. The following is the warning issued by the WHO.

“The cracks between people and the cracks between parties is fueling it,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. “Don’t use this virus as an opportunity to fight against each other or score political points. It’s dangerous. It’s like playing with fire.”

Without global solidarity, the worst of the pandemic is still “ahead of us,” Tedros said during a press conference at the agency’s Geneva headquarters. The Ethiopian microbiologist previously said he has received death threats and racist insults.

“This virus is dangerous. It exploits cracks between us,” he said. “We need global solidarity that’s cemented on genuine national unity. Without national unity and global solidarity, trust us, the worst is yet ahead of us. Let’s prevent this tragedy.”

Trump told the American people that it was “a hoax.” Later, he claimed that “the virus would pass as the weather became warmer.” His current Press Secretary, who was a former Fox Noise employee, claimed that “President Trump will never allow the virus to come to America.” I laughed until I wet my pants.

Trump proudly claims that he is not a ‘man of science.’ Climate change is a hoax; the coronavirus is a hoax: the need for voluntary quarantine by the American people is an exaggeration of the situation. Meanwhile, 41,000 men, women, and children have died from conditions related to COVID 19. And although the crisis has not reached it pinnacle, Trump wants to “reopen America.” He is no longer allowed to claim the title of President of the United States. His legacy will be ‘the man who lacked concern for the safety and welfare of the American people.’

The truth is Trump is playing politics with American lives and he is violating the law by encouraging his cult to support him, ignoring rules established by state’s governors. DJT is nothing more than a common thug who believes that he is above the law. Sadly, he is right. Moscow Mitch McConnell’s sham impeachment trial in the Senate gave him unlimited powers to violate the Constitution. After this debacle in February, Trump escalated his violations of the Constitution, and his lack of concern for the American people.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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