I May be Wrong about the 2020 Election, and that would Make me Very Happy

Trump as Hitler

Millennials are the largest voting demographic in America. My only fear related to the 2020 election was that Bernie Sanders was the only Democratic candidate who would inspire this important group to vote on November 3rd. If they decide to show up in large numbers, they, along with women, will decide the results of this election. All other groups combined would be insignificant in numbers to decide who will be our next president and which party will control congress.

Recent polls may prove me wrong, and nothing would please me more. 29 percent of younger Americans ages 18-29  report that their lives are worse because of Trump’s illegitimate presidency. The numbers are likely far from accurate. Most polls are conducted on landline phones, and few younger Americans are aware that they continue to exist.

“People vote when it’s personal, when they can see a difference in their lives,” said John Della Volpe, polling director at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics. “I looked at dozens of subgroups, and when I look at the number of people who say ‘better’ and the number of people who say ‘worse,’ in every single case — other than among Republicans — people say that he’s made their life worse, and that’s a big deal.”

“This election is going to be a referendum on Donald Trump,” Della Volpe said. “Whether you love him or whether you hate him, you can clearly see the difference that Donald Trump is bringing into our politics, into our country today. That, more than anything, is what we’re finding is motivating young people.”

Finally, I have a problem with these statements. Why is everyone underplaying the importance of this election? This is a final battle in a four-year revolution. Either the party of fascism and depravity remains in control of our nation, or real Americans take it back. It is a black and white situation.

Trump has permanently harmed the United States of America, and if allowed to go unpunished for the crimes for which he was impeached, his belief that he is above the law will destroy what is left of the country of our founding fathers.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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