Defining the Right-Wing: Corruption, Chosen Ignorance, and Constantly Protecting the Dumbest and most Immoral Man-Child in the World


I can write an entire article this morning by using the headlines on Google News. They are filled with corruption, devasting ignorance, and continuing efforts to save Trump’s failed presidency.

We all know that Trump denies science. However, Bloomberg’s headline today displays a level of stupidity which should prevent Trump from remaining in the White House.

“Trump’s Idea to Inject Disinfectant to Kill Coronavirus Alarms Medical Experts” (The makers of ‘Lysol’ are pleading with you not to drink their products.)

Is the man-child defiling the White House the dumbest buffoon in the world? Denying that the virus would threaten America, claiming that it would “just go away as the temperatures rose,” and lying as he claimed it was “not his responsibility” to take the lead in fighting the pandemic was sad, but this is ludicrous. America is now far ahead in world leadership related to coronavirus-related deaths at more than 50,000.

Let’s include the ridiculous right-wing propaganda machine, Fox Noise, in this article. This fake-news broadcast has spread lies and misconceptions for the last 34 years, and they are not slowing down.

“Trump, officials suggest coronavirus is weakened by sunlight and humidity”

The Trump “official” cited for this claim is not a doctor or a scientist. He is an appointed member of Trump’s Homeland Security department. Does anyone in the Trump administration have any intelligence or understanding of their function in our government?

Georgia’s illegitimate Governor, Brian Kemp, is trying very hard to show a lower level of intelligence than his fuhrer. After rigging his own election in 2018 as Georgia’s Secretary of State, he immediately began kissing Trump’s humongous derriere. CNN is reporting his latest homage to Trump, which will endanger thousands of Georgia’s citizens who are already facing a serious increase in the number of coronavirus cases. Just read CNN’s headline on this Friday, April 24, 2020.

“Georgia reopens hair salons, gyms and bowling alleys despite rise in coronavirus deaths statewide”

I was a hairstylist for more than 20 years. No one has a closer physical relationship with their customers than the men and women who cut and style your hair, other than doctors, nurses, dentists, and sex workers.

Gyms? Just before all of this began, my wife and I resigned from our local gym and purchased a gym-quality treadmill. Although management attempted to keep the equipment clean, it’s impossible. The entire building is a Petri dish.

There are no filthier establishments than bowling allies. The air quality, the floors, the rented shoes, and the bowling balls themselves are an invitation to become infected.

There is much more evidence of chosen ignorance within the right-wing, but you will likely encounter many of them today unless you watch Fox Noise all day to “learn everything you need to know.”

So, I will end with a story of ultimate corruption by the Trump Party. This is why, although I am an Independent, I will never vote for a Republican in name only again.

“Trump Organization seeks coronavirus bailouts for president’s golf resorts in Ireland and Scotland”

This from USA Today and others.

First, bailing out any individual business with taxpayer money is a violation of the Constitutional and congressional law. Most importantly, using any taxpayer money to save a Trump property which caters to the super-rich is ludicrous and a reason for another impeachment process to begin.

I seldom become angry, but the fact that “television news” is not attacking Trump and his circle of sinners daily is unforgivable. They are continuing to give him a free pass as he destroys our democracy, violates the Constitution, and continues to be the most corrupt illegitimate president in history. He is a complete failure and unfit for office.

Dump Trump and all Republicans running for election in November. And if you value your level of intelligence, refuse to watch television “news.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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