Any Man or Woman with Dignity and Self-Respect would Resign: That’s not Donald John Trump

Trump Rally (2)

Regardless of your position in life or your stature as a man, all intelligent men and women who believe in efforts to be a better person every day, to be happy within themselves, share dignity and self-respect. It is unimportant how others see or value our existence, but our self-evaluation, our opinion of ourselves is who we really are.

When I look back at the 11 men who preceded Trump’s illegitimate presidency, I am aware that each of them had contributed to our nation in some way, but also had faults; some more than others. However, each of them had a sense of honor. It was important to them how America and the world would view their legacy.

Being the President of the United States is the most difficult job in the world. This does not excuse acts of corruption or placing personal interests ahead of a nation’s people, but for the most part each of them loved their country.

Trump fails to belong in this description of an American president. First, he has never “worked” one full day while in office, and for that matter, in his life. When he’s not golfing, or playing at Mar-a-Lago, he’s spending ‘personal time’ watching television. Instead of arriving in the Oval Office early in the day, he chooses to remain in the residence until 11 a.m. or later. It’s not that he sleeps late, he is busy watching “Fox and Friends” to learn about what’s happening in the world and texting.

Real presidents are in the Oval Office early for one very important reason. What happened during the night and what is expected for the following day is offered to the president in a document called “The President’s Daily Brief.” This information is compiled from information offered by multiple security agencies and presented to the president by the CIA. Trump refuses to read, claiming that “I learn everything I need from Fox.” If this one statement does not frighten you, there’s something dramatically wrong with your brain.

It is fair to assume that this fact is the reason Trump ignored the threat of a pandemic until mid-March. “It will go away:” “We are fully prepared and it will not affect America like it has other countries.” These are just two of the statements made by your illegitimate president offering proof that he was not concerned about the American people.

When President Obama left office on January 20, 2017, a panel of experts related to contagious disease had been created. Trump fired them just weeks after his inauguration.

Trump’s failure to lead our nation and take all possible action to minimize the effects of the coronavirus in January is unforgivable. America now leads the world in the number of deaths resulting from the pandemic. Lives could have been saved if he had composed a panel of experts and ordered necessary test kits and equipment desperately needed by hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

He made it worse. Although he is a ‘science denier,’ Trump began to make false claims and went to an even lower place, attacking the governors of blue states who took immediate action to save lives. He ignored qualified medical experts by fallaciously claiming that the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, could help those infected. Recently, he suggested injecting or drinking disinfectants could help: he wasn’t being sarcastic, he has no sense of humor.

The bottom line is that he, for the good of our nation, and to retain even an iota of dignity and self-respect, must resign.

Richard Nixon’s accomplishments have been forgotten by most, and this is sad. One thing I will always remember is that he resigned and was never impeached because he loved his country, and America was more important than he was.

Trump is the third president impeached for Constitutional violations in our nation’s history and will never admit a single mistake although there are many. Together with Moscow Mitch McConnell they rigged his trial in the senate. This egomaniacal narcissist will not resign.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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