Very Disappointing, and Part of the “Trump Effect:” Americans Choosing Ignorance and Being Selfish

Trump Rally (2)

The “Trump Effect” is very real and extremely destructive. Blatant lies have become acceptable. Anger and hatred have replaced compassion and understanding. The most immoral man in the world continues to defile our nation’s most treasured residence. Never before has a president encouraged violence and breaking the law. Only the Civil War caused more division in our nation than Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

Our nation continues to face a crisis. As I write this, more than one-million Americans have been infected by the coronavirus and more than 60,000 have died in just over 100 days. During the 20-year war in Vietnam, approximately 58,000 lives were lost. But Trump still refuses to admit the he should have taken preventative action in November of 2019 when he was first warned about a possible worldwide health crisis. I may be wrong, but Donny Boy should read the President’s Daily Brief.

Trump is more concerned about the economy than the safety and health of our people. He has been encouraging his cult to protest the ‘stay at home’ laws issued by state’s governors. This action is breaking the law, and this cult leader is guilty of conspiring with these ignorant men and women to violate the rule of law. This is the Trump Effect.

I live in Northern Nevada, and to our South, in Lake Tahoe, one beach has been crowded, once again violating the law. This is shameful and a little frightening. These failures obviously listen to Trump and Fox Noise.

Those who choose to violate the stay at home policy are selfish. They claim that getting a haircut, a massage, or going to a movie are “necessities.” The truth is they simply care about themselves and no one else, like their leader, Donald John Trump.

In my 73 years this is the first time the American people have not united during a crisis. This is the first time our nation failed to elect an American as our president. This is the first time any man has failed to display leadership when his nation needed him most. Americans who live in blue states can thank their governors for saving lives. Trump and his entire administration has failed once again.

His selfish and ignorant cult; his sacrificial supporters; do not love their country. They love the worst man in the world.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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