Who is Rick Bright, and Why did Trump Fire Him?

Coronavirus (2)

Disagree with Trump? You’re fired. Trump fears the truth more than anything else in the world.

Rick Bright was a ranking official in Health and Human Services. Mr. Bright was the director of the HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), said he is speaking out “because to combat this deadly virus, science – not politics or cronyism – has to lead the way.”

“Sidelining me in the middle of this pandemic and placing politics and cronyism ahead of science puts lives at risk and stunts national efforts to safely and effectively address this urgent public health crisis,” Rick Bright said in a statement calling for an Inspector General’s investigation.

Bright was doing all the right things including assisting in the development of a vaccine to defeat the pandemic. So, why was he fired? Because he told the truth.

His first “sin” was to contradict Trump’s claim that “hospitals had all the equipment they need to fight the coronavirus.” Doctors complain constantly about the lack of PPE and ventilators.

His final offense, which forced the orange man-child to fire Mr. Bright was his vocal opposition to Trump’s moronic claim that the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, would destroy the virus, his suggestion that ingesting or injecting disinfectants, and using light and heat might kill Covid 19 were ludicrous. These were the rants of a mentally challenged man.

Only two questions fill the application to work in the White House: “Are you willing to lie for Donald Trump,” and “will you promise never to contradict anything said by DJT?”

Mr. Bright broke these promises.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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