A White House Turning Red: Our Nation’s most Treasured Residence is Filled with People Supporting Anger and Hatred


The Truth Lives Here

It’s not a bad dream, but I wish it was. My mind continues to refuse accepting the reality that a vile, old, obese, immoral, and mentally deficient man is living in our nation’s White House, and that he brought with him the worst of America as his staff. The contrast with the Obama White House and this travesty is very sad, and very obvious.

The Obama family brought to our nation’s most sacred residence a dignity, intellect, and love of country which will never be surpassed. Trump brought with him a complete lack of morals, a belief in white supremacy, and a devotion to fascism. Along with the orange buffoon came his white trash family. His administration is composed of men who are filled with anger and hatred for most Americans.

The worst of the worst is Stephen Miller. From what we can tell, Miller’s only purpose is to find additional ways to harm Hispanic families seeking asylum in our country. Trump has surrounded himself with white supremacists from day one, but Miller is the most open about the beliefs he shares with his boss.

Trump is a xenophobe, but Miller is a man composed of deep hatred for all non-whites. He has targeted Hispanics for an unknown reason. Immediately after the first Covid-19 cases were reported in the United States, he issued this statement.

“Within days of the confirmation of the first case in the United States, the White House shut American land borders to nonessential travel, closing the door to almost all migrants,” the Times reports, including stomping on laws to quickly deport hundreds of migrant children back to possible death. “Other international travel restrictions were introduced, as well as a pause on green card processing at American consular offices, which Mr. Miller told conservative allies in a recent private phone call was only the first step in a broader plan to restrict legal immigration.”

Our government is moving people in the wrong direction. We should be deporting Trump, his cult, and his staff, and allowing good people into our country.

That would be the right thing to do.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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