Trump Talks a Lot but Does nothing: He could Take Lessons from Germany which has a Real Leader


The Truth Lives Here

Trump is not a leader: he’s a talker who has nothing important to say. The orange buffoon is desperate to reopen the economy, although healthcare experts say it’s too soon. What do they know? Years of education and experience mean nothing. Trump claims that he knows everything about everything, and why shouldn’t we believe him? Although the United States has more cases and more deaths from Covid-19 than any other nation, even though we have only four percent of the world’s population, Trump must be right because he thinks he is.

South Korea and New Zealand have proven that they know what they’re doing. Now Germany has lessons to teach Trump about opening its economy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel made this confident statement.

“We have reached the goal of slowing the spread of the virus, of protecting our health care system from being overwhelmed,” Merkel said Wednesday at a press conference, according to The New York Times. Germany had reached a point where most of its economy could be reopened and public life could be safely resumed. “We can afford a little audacity,” Merkel said.

Ms. Merkel sounds like a real leader. When Trump speaks, his primary purpose is to brag about accomplishments which do not belong to him. Lies such as “I think we’ve done a great job,” or despicable statements like “lives may be lost, but the economy must be saved,” are unforgivable. When he talks about “the economy” he is not speaking about your welfare or mine, he’s talking about the ridiculously wealthy and greedy leaders of corporations. Not once has he represented the American working man or woman. He signed the stimulus package which included bailouts for the wealthiest individuals in America who earn their money through major corporations.

Here’s the most important and devastating fact. Prior to the spread of this pandemic, our economy was in decline. Many economic experts were predicting another huge recession as the “man who knows nothing about anything” took actions which are adding trillions of dollars to the deficit, and increasing economic inequality. If consumers are unable to purchase goods available at retail outlets, even corporations with their humongous profit margins will begin to fail and stocks will crash. The coronavirus simply accelerated our failing economy.

Although he is only our third president to be impeached, he had an opportunity to save part of his legacy. He first learned of a possible worldwide healthcare crisis in November of 2019 in the President’s Daily Brief. By January, the worst president in history was aware that the pandemic was happening and headed for America.

However, somebody had to hit those little white balls and the egomaniac needed reassurance from his cult that he remained their leader and chose to hold hate rallies. He did nothing until mid-March, and even then refused to issue the order which would require companies to produce PPE and ventilators to save lives.

Trump is the greatest failure in modern history. His lack of even average intelligence and refusal to surround himself with experts in various areas have resulted in irreparable damage to America’s future.

November 3rd cannot come soon enough for me and other real Americans who love their country.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Phillipp

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