A Huge Blackmark on Obama’s Presidency: How he was Complicit in Trump’s Electoral College Win

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The Truth Lives Here

No one is talking about one of the most important facts in America’s history. Trump has been enormously controversial for more than three years, and his violations of the Constitution are too numerous to count. One opportunity to prevent Trump’s illegitimate presidency occurred in October of 2016, and no one is offering the American people the truth. Television “news” is a charade, and even the print media is afraid to take a stand against the most corrupt government in the developed world.

One month prior to the most disastrous election in American history, President Obama called Harry Reid, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and the heads of the CIA and FBI to the White House. An investigation into Russian interference in the upcoming election confirmed that Vladimir Putin’s agents were making efforts to secure a win for Donald Trump. There were also questions about whether or not the Trump campaign was aware of the situation.

A heated discussion began on both sides. Republicans knew that if the truth was released Trump would surely lose in November. Democrats viewed this as the final blow to Trump’s campaign which was trailing in every poll.

The final decision was to hide the fact that a foreign nation was attempting to control the outcome of what was supposed to be a free and fair election.

During the campaign, Trump constantly claimed that the election was “rigged.” Why? Because he knew it was and in his favor.

I remain angry that President Obama refused to save the credibility of the election and the rights of the American people to know the truth before they went to the polls.

39 months after Trump’s pitiful inauguration our country is in danger of becoming a fascist state. Trump has been allowed to continue abusing his powers. His lies have become too numerous to count. His failure to lead our nation in the fight against Covid-19 has cost thousands of American lives. The orange buffoon has spent every minute of his presidency pleasuring himself while the same issues which faced our nation on January 20, 2017 exist today. Golfing, trips to Mar-a-Lago, watching Fox Noise, and holding hate rallies for his cult require 90 percent of his waking hours. Add to these facts his need to tweet constantly and his days are full.

Barrack Obama aided Russia, the television media, and white supremacists in their efforts to secure our nation’s first illegitimate president who is not an American by choosing to do nothing. Trump lied as he took his oath of office on inauguration day and continues efforts to destroy the Constitution today.

Our government cannot be trusted. The most important changes in America are not healthcare, education, immigration reform, income inequality, or women’s rights. To save our country, we must take control of Washington.

First, eliminate the Electoral College. The people should elect the president, not states. The truth: if the popular vote decided the outcome of our presidential elections, a Democrat would have been living in the White House since 1993. Only once in the last seven elections has a Republican won the popular vote. Bush 43 barely won the people’s support in 2004; his second term.

Second, term limits for Congress are a must. It is embarrassing to know that Moscow Mitch has been in the senate for 36 years. He is running for reelection at 78 years of age. Not a single positive accomplishment has been recorded in nearly four decades by the worst senator in America’s history.

If a member of the House cannot accomplish anything of importance in eight years, four terms, he or she is worthless. If a senator fails to serve the needs and wishes of all Americans in two terms, twelve years, he or she has proven his or herself to be a farce and should be forced to retire.

Congress ignores the majority and serves the wealthy; you and I are of no importance to these arrogant and self-serving men and women.

Finally, every time Washington politicians find the need to hide their own corrupt and immoral actions, the issue becomes a “matter of national security.” This is our country, not theirs. We have a right to know everything which happens in our nation’s capital.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of Simon Berry

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