Could a “not so popular” Joe Biden Defeat “a very unpopular” Donald Trump in November?


I must admit that my choice for the 2020 Democratic nominee was not Joe Biden, and I will offer readers my honest opinions.

Like Trump, he is another too old, white man. In 21st century America our people need a younger leader. The United States is composed of citizens whose average age is 38.2 years of age. On election day Trump will be a senile 74 and Biden 77. They are out of touch with the average voter in America.

Our nation is the most diverse of all developed nations. “Pure whites” are disappearing more rapidly than sociologists expected. Our nation’s largest voting bloc, millennials, is not concerned with race or ethnicity. Our nation should be represented by a woman or man who is “more like them.”

Old, mostly white men have been responsible for our nation’s future since 1789, and have failed. Our nation’s population is dominated by women, 51-49 percent. A woman president would be concerned with the future of our nation’s people, not corporate profits, or preparing for another unwinnable war. For the first time in more than 40 years the priority would be people before profit, and not profit before people.

Now you are likely asking “who would you vote for?” The answer is easy. I will vote for the American candidate. Trump is not a patriot; he is a capitalist. He has accomplished nothing in the last 39 months. The issues facing our nation in 2017 continue to exist today. Biden would be far better for the working class than Trump in every area of governance. Most importantly, what do the polls show about the November election?

First, Trump has received the lowest, most consistent approval rating of any president in modern history. We must not forget that Hillary Clinton crushed DJT in the popular vote. His victory in the Electoral College was blemished by the failure of the mainstream television media to treat the candidates equally and the interference of Vladimir Putin.

A little note of interest: in 2016, voters who claimed to dislike both Trump and Hillary cast their ballots for Mrs. Trump 47-30 percent. Biden’s lead in this area is even higher 59-17 percent.

Second, I will be 74 on voting day. Older voters are moving away from Trump who won the category of 65 or over 58-39 percent. He has already lost five percentage votes in this category and voting day is more than five months away. His disregard for the life of seniors as he continues to mishandle the current pandemic could cost him additional percentage points in one of his bases.

Third, ‘battleground’ states are moving away from the orange man. In the 2018 midterms Democrats won or nearly won federal elections in many of the most contested states.

Fourth, polls show that Republicans have no chance to win back the House. In every blue state, and in many red states Democratic candidates are leading in the same districts as in 2018.

Number five: The Senate is in play. Republican senators who once denounced candidate Trump repositioned themselves 180 degrees after the election and continue to support his vile and immoral agenda. Moscow Mitch McConnell, the poster boy for congressional term limits, is begging Kentucky voters for a seventh term at age 78. Voters in the “Bluegrass State” are beginning to notice that he has accomplished nothing for them in nearly 36 long years. He is currently tied with Democrat Amy McGrath in recent polls.

Lindsey Graham was favored by 17 points in his bid in South Carolina for reelection in November. Recent polls have him only three points ahead of challenger Jaime Harrison.

Several other races once considered uncontested are now labeled as too close to call.

Here is the most important fact for the November election. A large voter turnout will guarantee Democratic victories. Whether we are talking about the presidency or the senate, a record turnout will send home the enemy of the working class; Republican politicians.

November 3rd is coming soon.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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