Parties with Jeffrey Epstein; Confession on ‘Access Hollywood;’ More than 20 Accusations of Sexual Assault

Don Jr.

Donald John Trump is a desperate bully. He is behind in every poll and the Democratic Party has not named a presidential candidate as of this date. Everyone is assuming that Joe Biden will be the orange buffoon’s opponent in November so Trump is beginning baseless attacks against his probable adversary.

As usual, his first step is to send his mentally challenged son to do his dirty work. Not that Trump has an iota of dignity, but even he refuses to lower himself to the level of his second born.

Donny boy Jr. posted two pictures on his Instagram account chiding Biden for his actions with women. Now I do not approve of his mannerisms, but I do believe there was no intent for his actions to be construed as sexual misconduct. Trump’s second failure to use a condom wasn’t finished.

“The @nytimes is right. There’s NOTHING CREEPY at all about how @JoeBiden interacts with the kids in this 4+ min long video,” he tweeted Saturday night, with a link to a C-SPAN clip of Biden greeting families as part of his ceremonial role swearing in new senators. “All the touching & hair sniffing is TOTALLY APPROPRIATE & 100% NORMAL. Everyone does it! I’m a bad person for mocking him & thinking it’s disgusting!!!”

Has he forgotten that his obese father had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model after his stepbrother was born? Has he forgotten that more than 20 women have accused his “Daddy” of sexual assault? Did he not hear that Trump feels that it is his right to grab women by the crotch when he admitted that he was a sexual predator on the “Access Hollywood” tapes? Does he or anyone believe that he did not attend more parties with Jeffrey Epstein than the two at Mar-a-Lago? Is there any doubt that Trump’s sexual deviance included sex with underage women?

I continue to call the Trump Klan ‘white trash with money.’ They have accomplished nothing in their lives. Not once have they sacrificed anything for another human being or their country. They are using their positions for financial gain. They have no value to anyone else in this world.

Have no doubt about this fact. Trump is a control freak and anything a member of his Klan or his circle of sinners does is under the watchful eye of the egomaniac who claims to be your illegitimate president. Every action Donny boy Jr. takes is under the direction of his mentally challenged father.

This fact takes me back to the meeting in Trump Tower in June of 2016 between Donny Jr. and six Russian agents. There is no doubt that his father was not only aware of the meeting; he organized it. He was in the residence at the time. Regardless of what Mueller’s report claimed or did not claim, collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin began in 2013 and continued throughout the 2016 campaign. Trump remains Putin’s puppet.

To accuse Joe Biden of sexual misconduct without proof is a disgrace, but I’m not surprised. The Trump Klan is without dignity or honor. They will lie and do anything to protect their impeached father’s illegitimate presidency.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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