If the Coronavirus is indeed a War, America is the Biggest Loser in the World


The United States spends five times more money than all other nations in the world preparing for war. Deaths related to the coronavirus exceed the total in all wars since WWII. Does spending billions of dollars, 50 percent of which is wasted by the Pentagon, make sense now? White, domestic terrorism and this pandemic are greater dangers to the United States than any foreign nation.

Trump and the media are calling the fight against Covid-19 a ‘war.’ Personally, I do not believe this word applies. However, if it is a war, America is losing once again.

With nearly 90,000 deaths and five-times more Americans infected than all other nations, the United States has been crushed by an invisible enemy. Sadly, our country is without a leader. From claiming that it will “simply go away,” to his failure to admit that he ignored science and is unfit to handle a real crisis, Trump has displayed his inability to lead a nation of 330 million people.

Trump’s failures are many, but this time his incompetence is costing  American lives. Uninformed men and women cast their ballots for the least qualified and least intelligent man in America on November 8, 2016 and all of our nation’s people are paying the price.

How many casualties will this ‘war’ produce, no one knows, but it ill be far more than there would have been if our nation had leadership. A real president would have taken action in January and prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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