Trump Campaign Strategy; the Same old Bullshit; the Question is “Are you Stupid Enough to Fall for It?

Trump Rally (2)

What you will hear: lies, braggadocio without facts, fallacious attacks on his opponents, it’s all about me, me, me. Trump’s campaign will be a repeat of 2016. Not a single truth will come from the orange bully’s mouth or thumbs.

Let’s look at the last 40 months and what Trump has done for the American people; the truth. Should any working class American vote for this pathological liar?

Early in Trump’s reign of terror, he, along with Lyin Paul Ryan and Moscow Mitch McConnell, attempted to repeal Obamacare. His hastily composed “plan” would have removed healthcare from 24 million Americans. Thanks to Senator John McCain, the bill died in the senate.

When the G7 Summit was held, Trump was one of only two world leaders who refused to sign the Paris Accord, promising to reduce carbon emissions. This alienated our closest allies and began an effort to isolate America from the rest of the world.

When a white supremacist group marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, ending the life of a young woman, Trump supported the hate group claiming, “there were some good people on both sides.” He confirmed the fact that he is not only a racist, but the leader of America’s white nationalist movement.

Trump was under investigation from day one. Robert Mueller was selected to lead an investigation into Russian interference in our election, and the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with agents of Vladimir Putin. The report was heavily redacted, a legal word for “censored,” and we still don’t know how closely Trump worked with the Russians.

In February of this year he was finally impeached for violating the Constitution.

In 2018 Trump, Ryan, and Moscow Mitch constructed a bill they called “tax reform.” Within weeks economists confirmed the truth. This bill is a gift to the wealthiest Americans and large corporations. Many of our largest corporations, including Walmart and Amazon, paid zero tax dollars in 2019. Trump’s folly added one-trillion dollars to America’s national debt. This will reoccur through 2025.

Trump, who has failed at everything in his life, and has no background in economics, made a unilateral decision to place huge tariffs on imports. The result was a trade war with the world’s second largest economy, China, and continues today. This is the cause for increased prices at retail outlets. More importantly, foreclosures on small and medium family farms reached historic numbers.

There are numerous other failures and even a larger number of investigations into Trump’s private and public actions. However, his biggest and most harmful failure occurred just months ago.

In November of 2019, the President’s Daily Brief warned your illegitimate president about the possibility of a worldwide health emergency. In January, as the Covid-19 virus began to spread across the world, Trump ignored the coming pandemic while lying to the American people, claiming “it would all go away, and the United States would not be affected as seriously as other nations.” In February he spent much of his time golfing and holding hate rallies for his cult. Only in the middle of March, when the coronavirus began to spread across America, was Trump forced to take action.

Fortunately for our nation’s people, governors in mostly blue states acted quickly. They begged Trump to use his power to increase the production of personal protective equipment and life-saving ventilators. He hesitated and lied once again claiming that “warmer weather in April would make the virus go away.”

As of Monday, 90,000 lives have been lost from Covid-19. Nearly 1,500,000 men, women, and children have been infected. Both of these numbers are the largest in the world, although America has only four-percent of the world’s population.

Trump is responsible for these facts and therefore the needless deaths of thousands of Americans.

Meanwhile, the most serious issues which existed on January 20, 2017 continue to exist today. Obamacare is imperfect, and Trump promised to improve our national healthcare system. Some our nation’s greatest minds are being lost because they cannot afford to attend our nation’s colleges and universities. Opioids remain responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in America each year and our government is doing nothing. Sensible immigration reform has been ignored. Our nation’s infrastructure continues to crumble. White, domestic terrorism is a growing problem and ignored by the right-wing. Income inequality will destroy our nation’s economy if it continues to grow. Women remain second-class citizens. And another Republican president has failed America with the fiscal policy of “trickle-down economics.”

Does Trump deserve a second term? Hell no.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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