Reopening America is another Corporate Scam supported by Donald Trump


Corporate America spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to promote its efforts to increase profits. With the use of lobbyists, they buy votes from Republicans who protect their financial excess. Companies which made a whopping 30-50 percent profits in the 1960’s and 70’s are reporting earnings of 300, 400, and even 500 percent profit today.

The coronavirus has caused the deaths of at least 100,000 Americans today and healthcare officials are doubtful that peak numbers have arrived if our nation ends its efforts to stem the tide of infection too soon. Corporations are spending millions of dollars to discount scientific fact in an effort to retain their bloated profits and Trump is on their side, not yours.

Staying at home, social distancing, and the use of PPE’s have proven successful in preventing the increase of infection. However, your illegitimate president denies the truth and is focused on corporate profits.

Evidence proves that large corporations are using the same techniques implemented by Russia during the 2016 election to influence the American people. Brainwashed men and women are protesting the closure of businesses based on their own selfish reasons for reopening those businesses. They are ignorant of the fact that big business is behind the effort to force the reopening of America before a reasonable time.

The truth, which the mainstream media will not admit. Unrestricted capitalism and our government’s protection of corporate profits are destroying our nation’s basic economic system, not the effects of the coronavirus. Income inequality is one or our nation’s greatest problems. If 50 percent of Americans are incapable of purchasing goods beyond necessities, businesses across America big and small will begin to fail. A depression far more severe than 1929 will end our nation’s claim as the richest nation in the world. Greed will be the reason for America’s demise and no one will be more pleased than Vladimir Putin and his puppet, Donald John Trump.

Corporate America is in control of today’s Republican Party in name only. The American people are of no concern: money is the goal and the future of our once respected country is last on the list of the one percent. This is the epitome of ignorance and the definition of greed.

Our government, controlled by the right-wing, considers the working class ‘collateral damage’ in this war against the pandemic which continues to take thousands of lives each day.

Do you love your family and friends, or are you more devoted to the one percent? This is the only viable question in this discussion. Republicans do not care about you; they care about their reelection. They live lives of luxury and privilege and ask for your votes without concern for your future.

To my fellow Americans: wake up and smell the bullshit coming from Trump, his party, and corporate America. You are slaves in Trump’s fascist design for America. In his fantasy you and I, more than 50 percent of all Americans, exist to serve the wealthy. Our lives have little or no importance to Trump and his circle of sinners.

We can take our country back on November 3rd. This nation belongs to the people, not to an un-American president and his traitorous party. Please vote.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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