A Combination of Corruptions Committed by Trump and Brian Kemp are Pushing Georgia Towards Purple


Georgia has been a bright red state for decades. Since 2000 no Democrat has challenged his or her Republican opponent other than gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in 2018. Brian Kemp’s “win” in the state’s gubernatorial race remains controversial. Kemp was formerly the Secretary of State and remains accused of rigging the election.

A combination of Trump’s failures and Kemp’s devotion to his failed and illegitimate president altered the domination by Republicans over the last three years. Polls expose the definite possibility that Georgia is becoming a “purple,” or swing state.

In 2016 Trump barely carried Georgia with a margin of 5.1 percent. In comparison, Mitt Romney won with 7.82 percent in 2012, and John McCain’s 5.20 percent in 2008.

Stacey Abrams was Kemp’s opponent in 2018. She had cause to contest the election’s results but declined. However, her support in Georgia has increased since the controversial election.

Both of Georgia’s senators face reelection in November, and both are on shaky ground. The polls are too close to call. This situation has proven that Republicans who support Trump and hope that his supporters will secure a victory for them in November may find that the most unpopular and illegitimate president in history may be the reason they lose their efforts for reelection.

For those of you who do not follow politics closely, you are unaware of the importance of this and other close challenges in 2020. The senate majority has become a threat for Moscow Mitch and his failed party. The worst senator in history is tied with his opponent, Amy McGrath in the most recent polls for Kentucky. However, if he wins a seventh destructive term, he will no longer be the majority leader and his power will be non-existent in 2021 if Democrats regain control.

This year’s election is the most important in history. If Georgia becomes a ‘blue state’ this could be the most important change in American politics. With Democrats in control of congress all power is removed from the executive branch. America’s future will be secured for the next generation. If Republicans remain in control of the senate, our government will remain dysfunctional and the end of democracy is unavoidable.

My contribution to my country is minimal unless my readers encourage others to read the truth. I will never cease my efforts to protect the country which gave me hope, integrity, and compassion for my fellow man. Trump’s America is diametrically opposed to my view of our nation. I will never be a citizen of a fascist state.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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