In his Most Outlandish Conspiracy Theory to Date, Trump Claims, “people will grab them from mailboxes, print forgeries and ‘force’ voters to sign them”


Fact: voter fraud in America is reported to be approximately .012 percent. The last recorded attempt was in 2016 when a woman was arrested for trying to vote twice for Trump. Voter fraud is a conspiracy theory created by DJT when he learned that he lost the 2016 popular vote to Hillary Clinton by three million votes, and barely won the Electoral College by 77,000 votes in three states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. If Hillary would have won one additional point in each state, she would be living in the White House today. This fact is attributed to a lower voter turnout than expected as a result of interference by Russia’s use of lies on social media.

Although Trump is not “the sharpest tool in the shed,” by far, he knows that a large voter turnout guarantees a loss in November; not only for him, but for his hypocritical party. Democrats are calling for “vote by mail,” based on the threat of the coronavirus. In Michigan, and my state of Nevada, our governors have already ordered ballots to be mailed to every registered voter. Trump is threatening to abuse his powers and remove federal funding for both states. The right-wing is aware that this will increase the number of votes and they are doomed: a fact they have earned by failing the American people for the last 40 years.

Over the last 20 years the results of our elections prove that most Americans support a progressive agenda. Republican lies, voter suppression, and falsifying elections have given them several illegitimate wins. This can end on November 3rd. A large voter turnout, in person or by mail, will end Republican terrorism. It’s time to return our nation to the majority and force right-wing politicians to retire, permanently.

Vote and save your country for the future of your children and grandchildren. Saving the Constitution and ending the lies from Fox News and Republican politicians will give America an opportunity to become a great nation.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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