Should a President Lead or Lie?

Trump (2)

Prior to Trump’s illegitimate presidency, 44 presidents would have acted to protect all Americans from the threat of a coming pandemic. National policies to lessen the spread of the coronavirus would have been established proactively. All 44 men would have led by example, being the first to wear PPE, especially facial masks which lessen the chance of spreading the virus. None of this applies to the sad clown infesting the White House today. He continues to lie; the only thing he is capable of doing.

After Trump’s failure to address the crisis, he is making the situation worse as he continues to insist that businesses reopen before health experts declare that it is safe to do so. He continues his attempts to misdirect the facts.

Your “Failure-in-Chief” is supported by governors in red states who are falsifying Covid-19 statistics to justify reopening their states and possibly endangering their people.

One fact Trump is unable to hide are the statistics. The United States leads the world in both infections from the virus and deaths related to Covid-19. As of today, the last day of May, 2020, the number of Americans infected by the pandemic have reached an unforgivable number of 1.66 million. So far, the death toll is over 101,000.

To put this in perspective, the combined number of American deaths in the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan is 98,482. In Vietnam alone more than 58,000 lives were lost over a period of 20 years. Covid-19 has existed in the U.S. for just three months.


A personal note: every time I hear or read someone say “these trying times,” I am reminded of how spoiled and self-centered Americans have become. The fact that millions of Americans are unemployed is extremely upsetting, but in most cases help is available. The majority of Americans have a safe place to self-quarantine. They have all the “toys” they need, including televisions with one hundred channels and more, and other electronic devices. Facetime and Zoom make it possible to see our family and friends, even if we cannot physically be with them. In many other nations around the world these situations do not exist.

With only four percent of the world’s population, we must grow-up and take responsibility. We must be thankful for what we have and stop whining about our inability to go to restaurants, movies, or the beach.

I believe this is part of the “Trump Effect.” Prior to his illegitimate presidency, Americans were stronger together during a crisis. Today our nation has become two. We are not the United States of America. Our country is inhabited by two groups: loyal and true Americans, and Trump’s distorted world.

You must vote on November 3rd or cast you ballot by mail if available.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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