If Steve King Loses, that’s ‘One Down’ and a few more Dozen to Go


Steve King held a seat in Congress for nearly two decades. His district in Iowa is very white and very bigoted. King has earned a reputation as a racist and his remarks often make the front page of the news. He is on the extreme fringe of the right-wing, and his very presence on Capitol Hill is a dark spot on our nation’s government. It appears that his time in Washington may be coming to an end. For real Americans, this is ‘one down and a few more dozen to go.’

King is facing a serious challenger in the Republican primary. His own party and outside interests are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into his opponent’s campaign. After spending $230,000 in T.V. ads, Randy Feenstra still has $120,000 on hand in the latest report; King just $32,000.

A recent poll in Iowa’s 4th district reveals that it is not his racist comments which disturb them as much as the fact that he has lost multiple powerful positions in his party. Republicans and Republican supporters are concerned that King’s seat is vulnerable, and a Democrat could replace him in November. The majority of right-wing money is being deposited in Feenstra’s campaign account.

King was been stripped of his assignments on the Agriculture, Judiciary and Small Business committees last year and essentially ostracized from the Republican Party after The New York Times published his comments about white nationalism. “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization, how did that language become offensive?” he asked a reporter then. Agriculture and small business are extremely important to Iowa’s voters.

The consensus of House Republicans is that King is an albatross.

Refuse to be misled. King is not the only white supremacist in the party; his mistake is being the most vocal. Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, John Cornyn, and many other Republican politicians have a history of actions and words which offer proof of their racist beliefs.

Voting records offer irrefutable proof that the right-wing is biased. Issues which greatly affect African Americans and other impoverished and low-income groups receive little or no support from GOP politicians. Increasing the federal minimum wage, which would positively affect the ability of minorities and other low-income Americans to care for their families , continues to be rejected by Republicans. They support special interests, and the wealthy.

The truth is that today’s Republican Party in name only is the enemy of every American with the exception of the Christian Religious Right, the NRA gun lobby, America’s 623 billionaires, and 18.6 million millionaires.

The right-wing is the party of plutocrats. A plutocracy cannot exist without a fascist government.

Today’s America is suffering from a growing income inequality. The middle class is shrinking, while low-income and impoverished Americans now compose one-half of all our nation’s 320 million people. One percent of all Americans control more than 90 percent of all wealth in the United States.

Capitalism (2)

As disposable income diminishes among most Americans, our nation’s economy is facing disaster. Capitalism depends upon product sales. For the working class, capitalism has failed the majority. Members of the boards of directors in major corporations make 278 times more money than the men and women who actually do the work. Think about this. If the average worker made $50,000 per year, a member of the board would receive $13,900,000 in compensations over that period. Plutocracy.

Republicans do not represent you or me, and when they are as vile and subhuman as Steve King, the must not be allowed to remain in our nation’s government.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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