Another Failure to Lead the Country he Represents: Trump is not an American President

trump (1)

I will not discuss the protests continuing today after the murder of George Floyd. My opinions have been stated clearly in previous articles. However, I will condemn your illegitimate president’s failure and lack of courage to lead our nation through another difficult situation.


Our nation is experiencing emotions of anger, distrust, and uncertainty. Prior to Trump’s illegitimate presidency the men who resided in the White House stood before the television cameras and assured the American people that justice will be done. He then offered compassion for the victim’s family. Then they asked the protestors to resist violence and return to their homes, he would address the issues which resulted in the current situation. This is not Donald John Trump.

Trump lacked the courage to speak to the people. Once again, he resorted to twitter, not to calm the people and attempt to diffuse the situation, but to complain about the actions of those who were marching across the nation. Not once did he reach out to the family of Mr. Floyd and offer his condolences. As he did after the tragedy in Charlottesville in 2007, he appeared to take the side of hate groups, blaming the protesters for displaying their anger in public.

There are reports from authorities in several cities that fascist, white supremacist groups were instigating violence. Reports had been falsified about violent confrontations between law enforcement and the marchers. Trump refused to address these allegations because he refused to talk directly to the American people.

When he was informed about the possibility of a health crisis coming to America, he refused to lead: he ignored the advice of healthcare experts. In a single failure Trump displayed a level of incompetence which is unforgivable and offered proof once and for all that he is unfit to be the President of the United States.

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Now, for a second time in months, Trump displayed a complete lack of leadership and competence. This time he wasn’t golfing or holding a hate rally as he did in January and February: Trump was getting into a public fight with Twitter, condemning China over Hong Kong and terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization; an entity that once looked to the United States as the world’s leading institution in fighting pandemics.

The truth is, anyone would be a better president than Trump. His low level of intelligence and enormous ego twice left America without leadership when we needed it most.

The first half of this year has encouraged me to compare the eight years of President Obama’s administration with three years of Trump’s corrupt and failed “stumblebums.” No president in modern history entered office with his nation in such turmoil and distress than Barrack Obama. Through hard work and the choice of the most qualified men and women available for his cabinet and as his closest advisers, he saved our nation’s economy, and reassured the American people that better times were ahead.

Trump entered office in 2017 with our nation in full recovery mode, and three years later another recession was on the horizon prior to Covid-19, and the national debt is rising at an alarming rate while he spends taxpayer money living the life of a billionaire.

Voting (2)

I believe we deserve better. Republicans have become the enemy of the working class. Our votes can rid America of the disease called the “right-wing.” Please vote; it’s far more important than you might think.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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