My America and Your America are not Trump’s ‘Amerika’

Trump as Hitler

This story could be a screenplay for a ‘made for television movie.’ It’s about a young man who was emotionally abandoned by his parents and sent to boarding school at age thirteen. It’s unclear if he was a ‘problem child,’ or if he was simply unwanted by his mother and father.

Regardless of the reason, he felt unloved and insecure. During  his formative years he developed a new personality which allowed him to believe that he was superior to everyone else, although a deep seeded insecurity haunted him in his dreams. Deep emotional pain prevented his intellect from developing, while he created a façade of confidence and a world of fantasy where he was important and powerful.

As an adult he worked in his father’s business. From him he learned about the importance of money in his life. He was taught that whites are superior to all other races, and that blacks were unfit to live in a white society. Success was all that mattered and any means to be successful should be considered.

From Fred Trump he learned that bribing the authorities and bullying your adversaries were acceptable to achieve your goals as he bought deferments from Vietnam for his son. Apparently, he also learned that buying a college degree was a degree none the less.

Never accomplishing anything for himself, and failing with every effort, he was bailed out multiple times from real businessmen and foreign nations. Trump began to think he could do no wrong.

Eventually the man-child began to think that he was of value: that he knew everything and his decisions were always the right decisions, although he remains an uneducated man.

As he aged, and knew that he could do or say anything without being punished, his arrogance and ego grew faster than his intelligence. He refused to learn ‘wisdom’ from those who knew more about many subjects about which he knew nothing. After all, he got away with multiple crimes, including bribing public officials, falsifying paperwork to obtain loans, sexually assaulting multiple women, and having affairs with a Playboy model and a porn star after the birth of his son, Barron: why not run for president?

Today the damage from his youth has been fully exposed. His world is filled with anger and hatred as he incites violence. His support for white supremacy allows him to claim leadership of the movement. His arrogance led him to become a malignant narcissist.

Neo-Nazi rally

There is one frightening fact: this mentally challenged, immature failure now has true power. And he’s using it to punish everyone who refuses to praise him or agree with his twisted beliefs. Even more disturbing is that he wants more power. After cowardly Republicans refused to do the right thing and hold a fair trial in the senate, which would have removed him from office, after Trump was impeached in the House, Trump began to abuse his powers every day. Last evening he violated the first amendment rights of peaceful protesters, ordering his hastily assembled gestapo to use tear gas so he could have a photo op. Today he is threatening to use the United States military to place our nation under martial law.

If you have paid any attention at all over the last 40+ months you know that Trump admires three men more than any others in the world. If you have not paid attention, you might believe I was speaking about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, among others. You would be very wrong. Trump would like to be like Vladimir Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, and Kim Jong-un.

You must vote on November 3rd. Together we can take our country back and restore the principles and morals of our founding fathers.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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