Remember these Names: John Cornyn, Chuck Grassley, Marco Rubio, and Shelley Moore Capito: They Hate America and Worship Trump


These four fake-Republicans have pledged their soul to Donald Trump. They have renounced their oaths of office and approve of Trump violating the Constitution. They are unfit and must be removed from Washington.

Monday evening Trump violated the Constitutional rights of hundreds of protesters outside of the White House. He assembled a personal army with the intention of walking through the crowd to St. John’s Episcopal Church; one of the most historical sights in Washington. To clear a path for the would-be dictator, tear gas was fired to disperse the crown, preventing their rights to ‘protest grievances against their government.’ Fascism has arrived in America and it is obese, old, and has an orange face.

When former Republicans, who are now dedicated members of the Trump Party, were asked what they thought about Trump’s un-American action, these four defended him; traitors one and all.

John Cornyn: “So obviously, it was a necessary security measure,” Cornyn told CNN. Cornyn rejected the notion that they were acting peacefully since they can’t “ignore what law enforcement officers are telling them to do for the security of the president or anybody else.” So, this was a necessary excursion? We were told it was for a “photo op.”

Chuck Grassley: “We expect leadership from our President and particularly in times like this,” Grassley said Tuesday. “And I think that when there was destruction to a church or any other historical thing that America would put great confidence in that should not be destroyed, I think a president ought to bring attention to that terrorist activity, and go there and do … what he did last night.” Wouldn’t it have been more “presidential” for a president speak to the American people instead of condemning all the marchers?

Marco Rubio: After calling the protesters “professional agitators,” he said: “They know the police have to move forward on them, that will trigger the use of tear gas and it plays right into the imagery that they want. … That wasn’t even a protest. It was a provocation that was created deliberately for national television.”

Shelley Moore Capito: The West Virginia Republican, called it a “strong move” for Trump to go to the church and “walk out in public.” She added the use of tear gas “strikes me as not right” but added “those are decisions are made by the security people.”


The only person who matters is the Pastor of St. John’s.

The exterior of the church had been defaced during protests outside the White House on Sunday, and there had been a small fire in the parish house basement but church leaders said in a statement that the structure was largely “untouched.” Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington said Monday she was outraged by the President’s visit to her church, which she said came without advance notice to share “a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.”

Trump’s only “god” is money. For him to touch a bible is a sin. He would be one of the ‘money changers’ in the Temple Jesus threw out and told “never come back.”

The bottom line: the Christian community is livid that Trump used a church and a bible for political ambitions while denying the rights of peaceful protesters. November 3rd is coming soon. Dump Trump and Dump the Trump Party.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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