ICE is Trump’s ‘Gestapo,’ what will we Call his Martial Law Force? Maybe “Trump’s Traitors?”

Trump (2)

Trump approves of violence, as long as he is not involved; he is a coward. For days he has complained about the protests across America, this time focusing on the occasional violence by ignorant young men and Trump’s white supremacist groups. He continues to claim that he will order the military into those areas, in direct violation of the Constitution. Of course, we have learned that the Constitution does not apply to the traitor in the White House: he violates the Law of the Land every day.

If he in fact declares “martial law,” it should be nicknamed “Trump’s Traitors.” I will tell you honestly that if I were still in military service today, I would refuse to obey an order to attack the very people I swore to protect. I would prefer to serve jail time in a federal prison than to violate my oath to protect the American people. Our government should not become the enemy of the people.


If Trump continues to violate the Constitution, our military is obligated to declare a coup. I and every other member who served in our armed forces from Generals and Admirals to a private take the same oath. I expect them to abide by that oath and prevent additional destruction to our nation’s most sacred document.

I admit that I do not totally believe in prognostications by ancient prophets. However, Nostradamus predicted the execution of an American president on the White House Lawn. Could that be Donald John Trump? I can only hope.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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