I Believe that Trump Just Likes the Name “Antifa” and I Sincerely Doubt He Understands What it Means


Although several state’s authorities have debunked lies that the organization calling itself “Antifa” is behind the violence in several states which began with the murder of George Floyd, Trump continues to lie to the American people, at least the few who continue to listen to his bullshit. (Not sorry!)

I am certain that not everyone knows what ‘Antifa’ is, and I’m sure the orange buffoon has no idea; he refuses to or cannot read.

“Antifa” is an abbreviation for “anti-fascism.” It began more than 100 years ago, but became more prevalent in Great Britain and Germany in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The movement has grown wherever fascism is present. The most interesting fact about “Antifa” is that it is without leadership, and has no platform, instead supporting free speech.

The average age of the men and women who associate themselves with the movement is in the their twenties. It began on the left side of the political movement and is generally more militant than other progressive groups.

To be totally accurate, the first time I heard much about Antifa in the United States was in August of 2017. As fascist, hate groups were marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, they were met by a small group of Antifa supporters. Police were able to keep the two groups separated. On that Sunday, one of the Neo-Nazis drove his car into a crowd of young men and women who were vocally attacking these fascists for their hateful beliefs. A fifteen year old woman was killed.


You might remember that after what seemed like an unnecessary lengthy period of time, Trump finally spoke about the tragedy. His comment, “There were good people on boths sides,” confirmed once and for all that he is the leader of white supremacy in America.

Today’s protests have nothing which would encourage members of Antifa to attend. However, at least two men, admitting to be members of the fascist group, “Boogaloo Bois,” were arrested. Several state officials are suggesting the these hate groups are guilty of inciting violence in several states.

Trump constantly creates baseless conspiracy theories. Recently he added a new lie, and the lie was almost immediately removed from the White House website.

The official White House twitter account circulated a video on Wednesday afternoon falsely claiming antifa had placed bricks and stones on sidewalks to incite violence amid widespread protests over the death of George Floyd. The video, which has since been deleted, was actually of a year-old security barrier outside a Jewish community center in Los Angeles meant to protect against anti-Semitic car attacks. The Chabad of Sherman Oaks took to Facebook earlier this week to debunk conspiracy theories surrounding its anti-ramming security barriers and announce that the barriers would be temporarily removed to “alleviate people’s concerns” that they could be used in protests. (This is an excerpt from the Daily Beast in and article by Madeline Charbonneau.)

Without any argument, as long as Trump remains in the White House it should be renamed,”The Lie House.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Jeanne Menjoulet

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