Don’t Expect another Stimulus Check, Trump Plans to Spend the Money on his Unnecessary Wall

Trump's Wall

Although lies about the number of feet of his wall which have been constructed since his inauguration, it is a fact that much of the existing walls on our southern border can be easily breached.

Trump is using the distractions he created by failing to lead our nation in the fight against the coronavirus and the current national unrest related to the protests after George Floyd was murdered by a cop to use taxpayer money to repair his failed southern border ‘wall.’

In May, Trump suggested painting the existing wall sections black, making them appear more ominous and allowed them to absorb more heat in the summer months. His advisers told him it was ‘pointless’ and would be a huge waste of money. Experts on the matter agreed. The low estimate was a cost of $500 million; the high, three billion dollars. The hilarious truth is that the new sections which have been built have been breached by a saw costing less than $100.

He may deny it, but we know Trump constantly watches the polls on television. He is aware that his approval rating is dropping and disapproval rating on the rise. Most frightening for the worst man in the world is that every poll has him losing to Joe Biden by at least 10 points.


Not a single promise made during his campaign has been kept. If he can prove that his wall is under construction on election day, he may keep most of his cult and hope they go to the polls.

What does this mean to the American people? Don’t expect another stimulus check: Trump is planning to spend it to keep a promise which is guaranteed to fail.

Your choice and your vote.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Marvin Moose

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