Former Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, Warns America about the “Trump Effect”


What is the “Trump Effect?” These two words comprise all of the negative changes in America caused by your illegitimate president. He is the reason our nation is irrevocably divided. Trump is the reason our nation has lost its respect around the world. Trump has replaced understanding and compassion with anger, hatred, and violence. Income inequality is becoming a “nation-ending problem,” thanks to his biased and failed economic policies. As the leader of white supremacy in America, racists have come out from under their rocks and this is becoming our most serious problem and the reason America has never been a great country. Most importantly, together, Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell created a dysfunctional government by destroying the ‘balance of power.’

So, when former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, joined former Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, in criticizing Trump for his fascist proposals, he was adding other situations to the “Trump Effect.”


“I think an awful big concern is that the partisanship has gotten out of hand. The tribal thing has gotten out of hand,” Kelly said. “We don’t look at each other as fellow Americans … we look at each other as opponents. We don’t talk to each other. We yell at each other.”

Trump is not totally to blame. Moscow Mitch created the ‘party of no.’ He has refused to allow votes on more than 350 bills sitting on his desk. These were passed by the House and include aid for America’s most needy families, assistance for military families who have husbands and fathers returning from war zones, and funding to prevent foreign interference in our elections. Moscow MItch is a traitor to our nation’s people.

Although his statements were not as direct and damning as those made by General Mattis, he did support his former constituent.

“I agree. I think we need to step back from the politics,” Kelly told Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly served Trump as communications director for 11 days until Kelly fired him, in an interview that streamed online. “The separation of powers is very, very, very important. No president ever is a dictator or a king.”

Trump’s standard operating procedure is to personally attack his critics, and that’s exactly what he did after Kelly suggested that our military is not willing to fight against America’s people as threatened by Trump.

“John Kelly didn’t know I was going to fire James Mattis, nor did he have any knowledge of my asking for a letter of resignation. Why would I tell him, he was not… …in my inner-circle, was totally exhausted by the job, and in the end just slinked away into obscurity. They all want to come back for a piece of the limelight!” he said.

The truth is, Kelly attempted to advise Trump and prevent some of his many mistakes; Trump refused to listen. We shouldn’t be surprised. During the 2016 campaign he told his cult: “I know more than the generals.”

History has proven that the malignant narcissist knows nothing about anything.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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