Trump Was Asked not to Golf this Weekend: He’s so Sad he’s Probably Considering Eating Fast Food Until he Dies!

Trump obese golf

I’m somewhat saddened to inform you that your old, obese, and senile president is very upset this weekend. He had planned to spend a couple of million of your tax dollars to travel to his Bedminister golf course in New Jersey and hit a little white ball around a field of green, which he calls “a working weekend,” while protests grow across the country and around the world.

The only reason he’s not on the golf course as I write this today is because members of his circle of sinners told him it would “look bad” if he was playing while our nation is in two crises: the Covid-19 pandemic, and protests evolving from the murder of George Floyd by a cop in Minneapolis. This is an election year.

The White House has announced that there will be no official events in the White House this weekend.

Donny must be so sad that he’s probably gorging on fast food and watching Fox News, or his favorite ‘inspirational movie,’ “Blood Sport.” I feel so bad for him: not!

Op-ed by James Turnage


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