Michael Flynn, Abuse of Presidential Powers, and Obstruction of Justice by William Barr


For 22 days in 2017 Michael Flynn was Trump’s National Security Adviser. He had been under investigation by the FBI for his questionable relationship with Russian businessmen and Russian agents. In December of 2017 Flynn confessed to two counts of lying to the FBI and was subsequently sentenced to a maximum of five years in federal prison.

Recently Flynn petitioned the court to dismiss his confession, and Trump’s lawyers are attempting to have the charges removed, or at the very least sentence him to probation.

A former judge selected to advise on a path forward in the criminal case against Michael Flynn is accusing the Justice Department of exercising a “gross abuse of prosecutorial power” to protect an ally of President Donald Trump, distorting known facts and legal principles to shield Flynn from a jail sentence.

Former judge John Gleeson issued an 82-page document heavily criticized Trump’s fake Attorney General for “irregularities” related to actions by the DOJ’s efforts to exonerate Flynn. He said that any legitimate member of the legal community would “scoff” at Barr’s obvious efforts to protect a ‘friend’ of the president.

As with every other incident involving Trump and his allies, this action creates more questions than answers. Did Flynn pressure Trump to take actions which would prevent time in prison? If he did, what information might he have that Trump is so desperate to hide from the American people?

Flynn 2

Trump’s past is fraught with criminal actions and tales of debauchery. The facts that he is a philanderer, a sexual predator, and has sexually assaulted many women are matters of public knowledge. Trump continues to hide his tax returns and banking records; why? Trump is proud of the fact that he “uses other people’s money.” Does that include monetary investments and gifts from foreign leaders, including Vladimir Putin, his oligarchs, and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman?

Finally, is Flynn another of Trump’s associates who has knowledge of “where the bodies are buried?” Michael Cohen, Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and others likely have information about Trump’s illegal and immoral activities. A final question: who will write the first book when Trump is removed from the White House?

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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