Is it Normal for the President’s Staff to Fear their Boss?


I cannot count the number of times your illegitimate president’s own staff either lied to him or hid the truth. Why? They are afraid of his unruly temper. Trump’s greatest fear is the truth. His fantasy world; his “Amerika” is based on lies and “alternative facts.”

Trump’s poll numbers in every category are falling. The coronavirus and the murder of George Floyd have exposed the @RealDonaldTrump for all to see. However, Trump’s aides are desperate to appease the schoolyard bully. His campaign staff took the most ridiculous and laughable action I have ever heard of in all my years as a political junkie.

In a “cease and desist” letter, Trump’s flunkies “demanded” that CNN “retract and apologize” for printing the results of a recent poll which revealed Joe Biden leading the man-child by 14 points. Really; no one could create this bullshit; it actually happened.

Trump Lying

What the hell are the men and women who lie for Trump afraid of? The worst he can do is fire them, and that would be similar to escaping from a concentration camp. Working for a malignant narcissist would be hell on earth for any man or woman who possessed even a small amount of dignity and self-respect.

One anonymous aide used the following excuse.

“This helps keep the president from flying into a rage as much as he otherwise would,” said a White House official who’s been in the room for these types of sessions.

Finally, an important fact. If Trump’s party loved their country and performed the jobs for which they were elected, they would have removed their mentally incompetent leader by March of 2017. It has been confirmed multiple times that Trump is not mentally or emotionally capable of leading our nation.

Let’s all send the senile old man back to his golden tower on November 3rd; we deserve a real president.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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