This November the only Issue is Leadership: Americans are Desperate for Guidance

Trump's March against the first amendment

Dictators do not lead, they rule over their nation’s people. Free choice and free will do not exist. Autocrats do not listen to the people; their personal ambitions guide them.

This is what has happened in America for the last three years, four months, and 24 days. For nearly three years Trump made fools of millions of Americans as he pretended to be their president. However, in January of 2020 he faced his first big crisis. Scientists warned our government that a worldwide pandemic was not only possible but probable. Trump chose to ignore the facts and decided to play golf and hold a hate rally. He said, “it will pass,” and “it will not affect America, we are fully prepared to fight the virus.” Lies.

From the beginning America’s economy took precedence over the lives and future of the American people. He not only failed to lead, he chose not to take any action. His use of the national treasury to live the life of a billionaire was more important.

By June first his only focus was reopening American business, although Covid-19 continued to ravage our nation. Today the United States continues to lead the world in the number of infections: 2,120,000: and deaths: 117,000. A study revealed that at least 50,000 lives could have been saved if Trump displayed leadership in January.

Then on May 25th, the American people watched in horror for eight minutes and 46 seconds as a Minneapolis police officer by the name of Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of a black man, George Floyd, until he died. Protests continue today across America and around the world. Black men and women have been joined by millions of other Americans who are demanding an end to mistreatment of black Americans by law enforcement. Another crisis facing your failed president. What would Trump do? Initially, nothing.

BLM Protests

Eventually he condemned the protesters. Then on June 1st, he decided he wanted a photo op. Trump marched behind police and members of our nation’s military through Lafayette Park towards St. John’s Episcopal Church. Members of the United States armed forces fired rubber bullets and launched tear gas canisters to disperse hundreds of peaceful protesters who were exercising their first amendment rights. I, and millions of other Americans were in shock as your illegitimate president displayed his devotion to fascism.

In times of crisis, Trump’s 44 predecessors stood before the American people and offered words of both compassion and encouragement. They promised that they would do everything possible to protect the American people and restore peace and tranquility in our nation. This is not Donald John Trump. He is not a leader and he will never be my president.

Voting (2)

On November 3rd we can repair the biggest mistake ever made by the American people. Our votes can remove the infestation which is Donald John Trump. However, we must also remove as many members of his party as possible. They have failed to serve the American people as they bowed to the worst man in the world.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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