If Fuhrer Donald Trump is not Worshiped and Obeyed You will not be Accepted into his Circle of Sinners


I have known long before he declared his candidacy in June of 2015 that Trump was a cretin: a man of little intellect. In 2012 Trump began his baseless “birther theory,” that Barrack Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United States.

I read about Trump, his life of illusion and lies for years before he even considered becoming your president. Although I would never have accepted the most unqualified man in history as my president if his election was not rigged, because he was aided by Russia, I will always believe that he is an agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I believe our government is hiding the truth to protect themselves. The two despots have been friends since 1987.

Trump’s heroes are brutal and maniacal dictators. He openly admits that Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, Recep Tayiip Erdogan, and Kim Jong-un are the men he most admires. A new book by Trump’s personal choice as national security adviser, John Bolton, claims that Trump suggested that all legitimate journalists should be executed.


This week the Supreme Court decided that the LGBTQ community was protected in the workplace under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Trump is livid. He and Mike Pence are America’s greatest homophobes. Two of the justices who opposed Trump’s circle of sinner’s intent to punish homosexuals for their lives were nominated by Republicans. John Roberts, the Chief Justice, and Trump appointee, Neil Gorsuch, joined in the majority decision. Trump was livid.

When the Court also ruled against his intention to deport children of undocumented Americans, DACA, he threw a tantrum, as all spoiled children will.

“The recent Supreme Court decisions, not only on DACA, Sanctuary Cities, Census, and others, tell you only one thing, we need NEW JUSTICES of the Supreme Court,” Trump tweeted just hours after the court ruled against his move to rescind deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants.

Once again Trump demonstrates his extreme ignorance. Not only was he not aware the Great Britain is a nuclear power, or that Finland is an independent country, he is apparently unaware that when the Senate confirms a presidential nomination for a position on the Court it is for life. Only the impeachment process can remove a sitting justice.

Later Trump used his tiny thumbs to send another tweet which made no sense. It became the ramblings of another senile old man who didn’t get his way.

“If given the opportunity, I will only choose from this list, as in the past, a Conservative Supreme Court Justice,” Trump tweeted. “Based on decisions being rendered now, this list is more important than ever before (Second Amendment, Right to Life, Religous Liberty, etc.) — VOTE 2020!”

Why the f**k is Trump still in office? Is our government so corrupt it is willing to accept a man who is clinically insane? I am not and I will continue to write this blog until the worst man in the world is either hung on the White House lawn, as predicted by Nostradamus, or is exiled to his trashy golden tower in New York.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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